P90X Day 77 Completed: Rest or X Stretch

Today is day 77 of my P90X workout and it was a rest day for me! I was going to try to fit X Stretch in but it just didn’t happen. I did finally finish my taxes though! Usually I’m pretty good about doing our taxes early, but this year I kept procrastinating. It felt good to finish them once and for all (one more thing off of my never ending to do list)!

My wife and I just got back from dinner with my family. We went to a restaurant that my wife and I both don’t like very much, but it actually ended up being really good (and not bad on my P90X diet at all)! I got a marinated chicken breast with green beans. They usually over cook the chicken, but it was perfect today. I also got a salad with oil & vinegar on it. The restaurant also always gives you a basket of white bread and butter when you get a salad (I usually would chow down on it), but I stuck to my P90X diet and avoided the white bread. I was expecting tonight to be a “cheat meal” but it didn’t turn out that way at all!

Tomorrow is going to be a pretty hectic day, but I’m excited to do the Chest, Shoulders & Triceps workout! Well, I’m off to go watch a movie with my wife!!!

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