P90X Results: Day 1 & Day 28 P90X Progress Pictures

Below you can see my P90X Results so far! I put together my pictures from day 1 & day 28 of the P90X workout. I’m pretty happy with the results so far because it looks like I’ve toned up some. When I flex my abs now, you can definitely see some definition. I’m hoping by the end of P90X that they will really pop out! Also, in the pictures when I’m flexing my back muscles, you can actually see the muscles now (on day 1 when I’m flexing, it doesn’t look like I’m flexing at all).

With each picture, I took one with me relaxed, and then I took one with me flexing. I took some side pictures too, but to keep the picture from being super long I left them off. I may add those later. As far as my weight, I’ve actually lost about 5 pounds. Also, I re-took my measurements and I lost 1 inch around my waist! That is definitely a positive thing since it was pure fat that I’ve lost.

My goal with P90X is to build muscle and I want to lose the fat around my belly so that my abs pop out (which it appears that I’m accomplishing). It’s a hard balancing act though. I want to take in enough calories to allow my muscles to grow, but at the same time I don’t want to take in too many calories so that I gain the weight back around my waist and stomach.

Let’s get P90X Phase 2 started!!!

P90X Day 1 & Day 28 Pictures: Click Image Above to See Full Size

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