P90X Results: Day 1 to Day 90 Pictures

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I finally got a chance to take my day 90 pictures so I can see the progress I made with the P90X workout! I have to say that I’m extremely happy with my P90X results!

As far as my measurements from P90X day 56, I’ve lost another 4 pounds, I lost another 1/2 inch around my waist, and I lost another inch around my hips! Either tonight or tomorrow I’m going to re-take the fit test to see the improvements I’ve made since the start of P90X. I’ll hopefully be able post my fit test results tomorrow, and then I’ll probably put together a summary of my final P90X results, and then a review of the P90X program.

Below are my final P90X result pictures of day 1, day 28, day 56, and day 90. I also posted a separate picture below this one comparing just day 1 and day 90.

P90X Results Day 1, 28, 56, 90 Pictures

P90X Day 1, Day 28, Day 56, & Day 90 Result Pictures: Click Image Above to See Full Size

Here are day 1 and day 90 pictures so you can clearly see my P90X results:

P90X Results Day 1 and Day 90

P90X Day 1 & Day 90 Result Pictures: Click Image Above to See Full Size

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