P90X2 Phase 1 – CHECK!

YO! Phase 1 of P90X2 is…Officially…DONE!!! I am SO fired up to be going into Phase 2! In this blog post I want to let you know how Phase 1 of P90X2 went, and then give you a quick recap on how Chest + Back + Balance went (my first workout of Phase 2).

How Did Phase 1 Of P90X2 Go?

I’ll be honest…the first week of Phase 1 of P90X2 was pretty frustrating. Why? Because I was doing BRAND new moves that involved a TON of balance (a MAJOR weakness of mine). So during the workouts I was doing lots of pausing and rewinding, pausing and rewinding, so I could learn the new moves. As a result of having to do that I felt like I wasn’t getting as good of a workout as I usually do.

P90X2 Plyocide is a good example…it felt a lot easier then the original P90X plyometrics.


Week 2 and week 3 rolled around. I new the moves, so I could go through the workouts without having to stop a million times. At that point I was able to go full throttle with the workouts and I felt the TWO in P90X2. My reps started to consistently increase, and I was able to add more weight to the moves that involved weight.

I also started to see some pretty big improvements in my balance by week 4 and 5. Moves that I could only do 1 or 2 reps like…

  • Balance Kickback on Stability Ball, Mule Kick Burpee in X2 Total Body,
  • Renegade Row Lolasana in X2 Balance + Power,
  • etc.

I was now able to do 8, 10, or more reps depending on the move.

Lastly, wherever I could, I made sure to wear my weighted vest to increase the resistance (I’m now up to about 47 pounds in my weighted vest).

So I spent 5 weeks total in Phase 1 of P90X2. The first 2 weeks was my “unofficial” start of P90X2…I was just trying to get the moves down, and then 3 weeks of going full throttle. After 5 weeks I felt pretty comfortable with the moves, so I felt it was time to move on to Phase 2!

Chest + Back + Balance – Day 1, Phase 2

All I gotta say after doing Chest + Back + Balance is…WOW! :-) THIS is my kind of workout! You’re basically doing a million different varieties of push ups and pull ups. You’ll be using your med balls and the stability balls A LOT during this workout.

I’m not going to give away much in this post on Chest + Back + Balance because I want to do a full separate review on it in another post. BUT…I did want to let you know that there is a move that involves 4 medicine balls, and 1 that involves 3 medicine balls. I only have (2) 8 pounds medicine balls so I just used what I had, but I will be going out and buying 2 more so I can do the extreme version of these moves.

How Is YOUR Workout Journey Going?

If you’re doing P90X2, or even if you’re doing another workout, how is it going? Have you been sticking with the workouts? Have there been some moves that you’ve really struggled with? Let our community know how things are going by leaving a comment below!

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