X2 Core – P90X2 Day 1

X2 Core, P90X2 day 1 is officially DONE! Watch the below short video to find out what I struggled with, what I did awesome with and enjoyed, and to find out some of my goals for the next 90 days of P90X2…


As I mentioned in the above video I’m going to try to do daily videos charting my progress through P90X2, but due to my hectic schedule it may not happen every day. I will though at the very, very least, do a weekly update for accountability and support.

This is Phase 1, the Foundation phase of P90X2. I’ve been doing these workouts over the past 3 weeks already (trying to learn the moves so I don’t have to pause the DVD constantly to see the move done) so my plan is to continue with this phase for the next 3 weeks and then to move onto Phase 2, the Strength phase.

As you may have already read in this post here, P90X2 OPERATION X2 HULK, my goal during P90X2 is to bulk up. I’d like to add anywhere from 10 to 20 pounds of pure muscle during P90X2. During this first phase though I won’t be too concerned with adding a bunch of muscle.

My main focus is going to be to just do the moves in all of the workouts with proper form (they involve a TON of balance). Once my form goes south, I’m done! However, if there’s a move that involves weight and I’m able to up my weight without losing proper form, then I’ll definitly do that.

What Will My Nutritional Proportions Be?

Since I’m not too concerned with bulking up this phase I’m going to target 2,000 to 2,100 calories per day. Using the TBB calculator and from tracking my daily nutrition with myfitnesspal, that’s a good number for me and I should maintain my current weight at that number. On the days that I’m doing X2 Total Body I may up my calories to 2,300 to 2,400 since I am able to use heavier weight during some of the exercises.

For my nutritional proporations I’m going to stick with what I’ve been doing with the original P90X, which is-

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  • Protein – 30%
  • Carbs – 55%
  • Fat – 15%

What Supplements Will I Be Taking & When?

Here’s what a typical day will look for me…


  • Whey protein shake (mixed with water) – This helps you to build muscle.
  • Creatine – I’m taking 1 pill of the Kre-Alkalyn 1500. This helps you to build muscle.

**I’ll be doing my workouts 30 to 45 minutes after I have the Whey Protein and Creatine**

Before My Workouts (excluding the recovery workout and X2 Yoga):

  • Energy & Endurance Pre-workout Formula – This is brand new and is on it’s way. I’ll be taking this 20 minutes before my workout. This helps give you focus and energy so that you get the most of your workouts. It’s great for people like myself who typically do their workouts early in the morning.

After My Workouts (excluding the recovery workout and X2 Yoga):

  • P90X Results & Recovery – This helps you to recover faster, helps reduce muscle soreness, and also helps to build muscle.
  • Creatine – I’m taking 2 pills of the Kre-Alkalyn 1500.

With My Breakfast:

Lunch Or Mid-Afternoon:

  • Shakeology – I’ll be replacing one meal a day with Shakeology (this is my all time favorite supplement). I use unsweetened almond milk with my Shakeology and will be adding natural peanut butter to add more calories to it.

Before Bed:

  • Whey protein shake (mixed with water) – While you sleep your body basically goes into starvation mode since you obviously don’t eat in your sleep (unless you’re a sleep walker). This gives your body something to feed on, otherwise it will feed on your muscles. I want to ADD size not lose it so this will ensure I don’t lose muscle while I sleep.

How Did Day 1 Of P90X2 Go For You?

How did X2 Core go for YOU today? Make sure to leave us a comment below and let us know what you struggled with, what you did AWESOME with, and anything else you’d like to share.

TOGETHER as a community we are stronger…We’re all in this together and I want to see each and every one of you CRUSH P90X2 and achieve ALL of your goals!

So leave a comment below, and make sure to subscribe to my free newsletter below if you haven’t already done so. I’ll see you on day 2 of P90X2!

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