P90X Round 2

P90X Chest and Back

P90X Chest and Back

Round 2 of my P90X workout has officially started! Yesterday my wife and I did the Chest & Back workout and we did Ab Ripper X. It felt so great to get back into P90X, but I have to admit the workouts kicked my butt!

About three quarter’s of the way through Chest & Back I ended up losing my lunch! That’s something that surprisingly never happened to me during round 1 of P90X. I just went to the bathroom and did what I needed to do, and I came back and finished the workout. I did my best to increase the number of reps that I did on P90X day 71 or at least to do the same number of reps. It was really tough doing that! I managed to increase my reps on a lot of the exercises at the beginning, but towards the end of Chest and Back my muscles were getting exhausted and I had to cut back the number of reps I was doing. Ab Ripper X was very tough as well. I managed to do all of the moves, but I was breathing pretty hard at the end of the workout. I guess I need to remember that it has been 4 weeks since I’ve done P90X Chest & Back, and it’s been about 2 weeks since I’ve done Ab Ripper X.

My wife (Jen) did awesome with the workouts! During the Fit Test she was able to pull herself up about a quarter of the way on the pull up bar, so during Chest & Back she modified and used a chair. I’m sure by the end of P90X Round 2 she’ll be able to pump out some pull ups! During the exercises she just did her best and did as many reps as she could. We’re both extremely sore today, but we’re excited to do Plyometrics later this evening!

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