Tony Horton – Workout With The P90X Creator Part 1

Jen (my wife) and I got a chance to workout with the MAN himself, Tony Horton several weeks ago in Arlington, VA. I wanted to tell everyone about that experience and share some pictures and videos. First, it was an INCREDIBLE, EXCITING, and MEMORABLE experience! Jen and I were so excited to meet Tony Horton that we made sure to leave extra early in the morning so that we would be first in line…We left our home at 4:30am to be exact! :-) We ended up getting there a little too early (at about 7:30am), but in the end getting there at that time paid off-

tony horton workoutOnce we got to the hotel we discovered (as you saw in the video) that we were in fact the first people there! The doors to the room where we would be working out with Tony Horton weren’t supposed to open until 9:15am. We got there so early that they hadn’t even closed the doors yet! :-) Jen gave me a hard time about it and was making fun of me because I made us leave so early, but I knew she would thank me later!

Tony Horton Stage

The Stage

So we just hung out, snapped some photos, and met some really awesome people before the workout with Tony Horton. We ended up meeting an incredible lady who was just as hardcore about P90X and Tony Horton as we were! It just so happened that she lived pretty close to us so we hung out with her and had some awesome conversation. I guess it was fate that we met her because she ended up joining our team and is now a Beachbody Coach herself and is helping us end the trend of obesity.

The doors to the room where we would be working out with Tony Horton finally opened and we rushed in like little kids running into a toy store. A very large crowd had gathered outside of that room, but since we were first at the hotel we were in the front and one of the first people to go into the room. We immediately laid down our towels and claimed our real estate in the very front of the room directly in front of the stage where Tony Horton would be leading the workout.

We anxiously and excitedly waited for Tony Horton’s entrance and for the workout to start. I continued to snap photos, and as time kept passing by, the room kept getting fuller and fuller of people (over 300 people)….

Tony Horton

Tony Horton - Goofy Pic

So the moment we had been waiting for finally arrived!! They turned on some exciting music, and introduced Tony Horton and we waited….and waited. They had directed our attention to one door, but then Tony Horton finally appeared out of a different door and the crowd was cheering and yelling with excitement (I was one of them; I was screaming like a little school girl :-))! He made his entrance and slowly made his way up to the stage. When he was finally on stage it all started to hit me that I was about to workout with Tony Horton. This guy who has invaded my living room day in and day out for the past year….this guy who has changed my life, my wife’s life and thousands and thousands of other people was directly in front of me and I was going to get to workout with him in person! Needless to say I was pretty darn ecstatic!

I kept snapping pictures like crazy and the workout began! Tony Horton told us that we would be doing some new moves that will be in P90X MC2, which is basically the next P90X. I honestly was a little nervous about the workout starting because we were literally right in front of Tony Horton. We were probably about 5 to 8 feet from him and I could see him looking at me while we were doing the warm up and as we started the exercises. That made me even more nervous because I didn’t want Tony Horton to see me screw up an exercise or drop out because I was too tired.

I quickly forgot about being nervous and the excitement of working out with him took over my emotions and I was giving my all to the exercises. I won’t lie to you…they were tough! Tony Horton took us through some new exercises, but we also did some familiar moves from P90X…HOWEVER, since these exercises will be in P90X:MC2 they were taken up a notch. Check out this new move that we had to do-

What did you think of that move? In typical Tony Horton fashion he was joking with us and we really weren’t going to do a move like that. He was just showing off! I can’t blame him though because if I was in my 50’s and I was in that good of shape, you can better believe I’d be showing off! Speaking of Tony Horton joking around…People have kept asking me how does Tony Horton act in person? Well, he acts the same exact way as he does in the P90X videos! He is his same goofy, fun, but very helpful and passionate self.

This post is starting to get pretty long, so I’m going save the rest of the story for tomorrow! Stay tuned for part 2 of our workout with Tony Horton!

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