Secret Weapon To Working Out When It’s The LAST Thing You Want To Do

Ever have one of those days where working out is the LAST thing you want to do?

Maybe you have a million and one other things you need to do swirling around in your head…

Maybe you’ve had a rough day, and your head just isn’t in it.

Or maybe you just flat out don’t want to workout.

I think we ALL have those days (no matter who you are).

So, without further ado, here’s my secret weapon to getting an instant shot of motivation, excitement, & FIRE so you can power through and get your workout done…when it’s the last thing you want to do…

There you go!

As I mentioned in the video one of the #1 reasons I love Fit Radio is that professional DJ’s mix together songs so you’re not listening to individual tracks (that have a start and end point)…

In otherwords…

You’re working out giving it your all when…


The song ends, and there’s about 10 seconds or so of dead silence.

Or you’re listening to Pandora, and the song ends, and you have to listen to 2 minutes of stupid commercials.

That can definitely be a mood killer.

Well, with Fit Radio you won’t have to worry about that. Because each mix is a continuous song.

Their mixes are anywhere from 20 minutes or so up to about 60 minutes. And they have mixes in pretty much any genre that is good for keeping you motivated and hyped up during a workout (Classic Rock, EDM, Hip Hop, Top Pop Hits, Country, etc. etc. etc.).

It’s awesome.

And I just can’t express enough how much MUSIC (and Fit Radio in particular)…

…has transformed my workouts.

I push harder, I get in the zone easier, and I just have more fun.

AND, has helped me plow through and JUST DO IT on those days where working out is the very last thing I want to do.


I hope that helps you out!

If this helped you (and/or want more posts like this), let us know below in the comments.

If you have a music app that you love listening to during your workouts, let us know below in the comments.

If you have a question, let me know in the comments below.

Have an AMAZING day.

I believe in you.


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