Ripped My Boxers During P90X Workout

P90X Ripped Boxers

These aren't my ripped boxers; I figured no body would want to see a picture of my boxers :-)

Yesterday was Legs & Back and something really funny happened during that P90X workout (I gave it away in the post title). My wife and I were doing the Three-Way Lunge With Two-Kick Option. As I lowered my front right leg to get into the lunge I heard a loud “RIIIIPPPPPPP.” My wife (Jen) busted out laughing. I looked down to investigate and I ended up ripping a massive hole in my boxers during the lunge. It was pretty funny! During one of the P90X DVD’s (can’t remember which one) Tony Horton jokes around about ripping his pants. I never expected I would actually rip my pants during P90X!

Yesterday my wife and I got an AWESOME workout with the P90X Legs & Back workout. During that workout I managed to do at least 20 pull ups or more during the majority of the pull up exercises with the exception of 2 sets (I did 17 one set and 19 the other set). Jen is also sooooooo close to doing her first pull up without a chair. She can do a pull up without a chair if her arms are slightly bent when starting, but she can’t do one with her arms completely straight yet. She can do the pull ups like crazy using the chair, so I know it’s only a matter of time until she can do one without a chair.

I hope everyone has had an awesome week! Get excited because it’s Friday and tomorrow the weekend starts! I’m going to try to post a weekly recap of our P90X workouts at some point tomorrow or on Sunday.

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