When Is The Best Time To Exercise?

When Is The Best Time To Exercise

When Is The Best Time To Exercise?

Jonathan, “When Is The Best Time To Exercise?” I get that question probably once a week! I totally understand where people are coming from though when they ask that question. The people asking this question are serious about change and they want to make sure they do everything right so they get results.

In this post I’ll be answering that very question. The answer might surprise you! Or maybe not…who knows! :-)

So, When Is The Best Time To Exercise?

The answer is very, very simple…

The best time to exercise is whatever time that YOU will be able to stick with on a daily basis (see I told you it was simple).

I do recommend people try to workout during a particular time of day if they can (I’ll share that with you in a moment), but if they can’t consistently workout at that time, then they are much more likely to skip workouts, which tends to lead people to quitting their journey and going back to their old ways. So you HAVE to workout at a time that you can stick with on a daily basis.

Here’s a simple formula for you-


By working out at a consistent time each day you are marking exercise part of your daily habits. And making exercising each day a habit, will give you the body you want for LIFE! :-)

Just think about any of your current habits. Those habits didn’t become habits overnight…you had to consistently do that thing everyday for a long time for it to become a habit. There might have been days where you forgot to do that thing (or made excuses why you couldn’t), but you made a commitment to being consistent with it. So with time it did become habit.

Exercising is the same way. If you can force yourself to workout at a consistent time each day, it WILL become habit. It will become part of YOU. When it becomes a habit you will lose the weight and you’ll keep it off (assuming you’ve made eating right a habit).

So don’t just fit your workouts in during the day when you can. Pick a consistent time to workout each day, and stick with that.

By the way, there will be days where things come up that will prevent you from working out at your usual time. Just try to plan ahead, or do whatever you have to do to get your workout in at a different time that day.

I Do Recommend You Exercise At This Time If You Can…

If possible, I do recommend people workout in the mornings before they go to work if they can. If that would require you to get up at 2am in the morning, then that probably wouldn’t work for you.

But if you can make it work, then make it a point to get your workouts knocked out in the mornings.

Why? Because I’ve personally found that if I get my workouts done in the mornings, then I’m much less likely to skip them or make excuses. In the evenings after a long day it’s so easy to use the “I’m too tired” excuse or, “I’ve got to much to do” excuse, or any other creative excuse you come up with. It’s just super easy to to skip workouts in the evenings.

So, if you can make it work so you can knock your workouts out in the mornings, then I highly recommend you do so. You’ll feel an incredible since of accomplishment for getting it knocked out.

What Do YOU Think?

What time do you workout? Did you do something special that helped to force yourself into the habit of exercising daily?

Leave a comment below now and let us know! We’re on this journey TOGETHER and as a community we WILL accomplish our goals!


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