P90X Workout: Round 2 Starts Tomorrow

P90XThankfully, I’m starting round 2 of my P90X workout tomorrow! I’ve been getting extremely anxious to start P90X again! I was hoping to do modified versions of some of the workouts this week, but I ended up not doing much of anything when it comes to exercise (with the exception of re-taking the Fit Test to get my final P90X Results from round 1). I did manage to stick with my diet this week though.

I think my body needed this week to rest and recover from P90X, but it felt so strange to not pop in a workout into my DVD player and spend an hour or so with Tony Horton. I definitely missed doing the workouts and almost felt somewhat “gross” for not really exercising this week. I think that is a positive thing though, because working out has become a habit now and something that makes me feel good about myself.

That is a major shift in thinking for me. Not to long ago (about November 2009) I could have cared less about being fit and healthy. I ate the worst possible food and drank as much soda that I could get my hands on every day. I was extremely lazy when it came to anything that had to do with physical activity. I also always had the best excuses on why I shouldn’t or couldn’t exercise or eat healthy. I have truly undergone a total lifestyle change. I made the decision to change for myself so I could live as long and happy of life as possible free from illness and disease.

It was kind of scary though this week how easy it was to fill my time with other things. That just makes me realize that I’ve got to always put a priority on exercising. It is just as important as going to work everyday or fulfilling any other obligation that I have. I also always need to remember why I made this commitment to be fit and healthy.

Anyways, I kind of went off on a tangent there! My wife is going to do this round of P90X with me. We did most of her fit test yesterday, and she just has to do the vertical leap today (it was dark outside when she did the fit test, so we decided to wait until today). I’m really excited to be doing P90X with my wife! We are both ultra competitive with each other, so this should help the both of us push even harder.

For everyone else doing P90X or other Beachbody Program, keep pushing play!

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