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Body Beast Workout – Unleash the HULK within

Body Beast Workout

Body Beast Workout

Are you tired of being sold the same workout routines that are marketed to pregnant mothers? Of course it’s great that people of all ages and in all situations are trying to get fit, but it wouldn’t be crazy if their goals were different from yours, would it?

Enter The Body Beast Workout . . .

Stop thinking about complicated muscle confusion strategies, max interval training, balance, agility, and coordination. Sometimes the goal is simple:

You’re not alone. The Body Best Workout is here for you, so grab your purple HULK shorts and get ready to release the beast.
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Where Can I Buy Shakeology?

Where Can I Buy Shakeology

Where Can I Buy Shakeology

Shakeology literally means ‘the study of Shakes’, and that is exactly what Beachbody has done in producing what they claim is one of the healthiest meal replacements on the planet.

Of course every health drink/shake/supplement claims to be the only one you’ll ever need and the best thing since sun and water, so what sets Shakeology apart? And where can I buy Shakeology?

If you’re simply thinking, “Where Can I Buy Shakeology” and you’re already a believer, then I’ve got you covered! :-) You can order Shakeology directly from the source here – click here now to order Shakeology.

Otherwise keep on reading to learn more about this stuff…

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Rumble Roller – Why you’ll never need a massage therapist again

Today we’re talking about the Rumble Roller, which sounds like the name of a vehicle from a Mad Max movie but is actually the latest tool for recovery being promoted in P90X2. If you are like me you thoroughly enjoyed getting your butt kicked by the original P90X. It was a home workout like no other, but the people have spoken and they’ve demanded even more.Continue reading