Rumble Roller – Why you’ll never need a massage therapist again

Today we’re talking about the Rumble Roller, which sounds like the name of a vehicle from a Mad Max movie but is actually the latest tool for recovery being promoted in P90X2. If you are like me you thoroughly enjoyed getting your butt kicked by the original P90X. It was a home workout like no other, but the people have spoken and they’ve demanded even more.

With P90X2 everything gets ramped up to a crazy degree, and a crazier workout demands a more intense attention to recovery. The folks at Beachbody really want to emphasize the improved lifestyle that results from their programs and ensuring a quick recovery and preventing injury is a much bigger part of this new system than before.

In P90X we had the X Stretch module, a great way to loosen up and keep your body from forcing you to hobble around for days after your workout. With P90X a simple stretch routine wasn’t enough to compensate for the incredible workouts you’ll be putting yourself through.

Enter the “Rumble Roller“…

So What The Heck Is A Rumble Roller?

If you think the name is strange, wait until you actually see the thing. You’ve probably seen those foam tubes at a gym or at a physical therapists office that look a lot like those water noodles kids hit each other with in their pools.

Designed to aid with Myofascial Release, many people complain that, while somewhat effective, they just don’t get as deep as they should to push past muscle fascia to massage and break up the knots that form in your muscles from the intense workouts you’re doing.

The Rumble Roller is the answer to this problem. Hard bumps running up and down work to dig into all the little points you didn’t know you had and really aid in recovery and preventing injury. It looks like a foam tube that hit the gym, took some steroids, joined a motorcycle gang, and beat up some kid who was happily playing with his water noodle in the pool.

Rumble Roller

Rumble Roller


P90X2 embraces the Rumble Roller wholeheartedly, and you’ll be using it at least twice a week as part of your recovery and mobility workouts. The roller is firmly embedded in the course structure of the series, and you’ll be really missing out on the recovery if you don’t have one.

Is The Rumble Roller Really Worth The Cost?

While some people express concern at the added cost, a quick look at the benefits should be enough to convince you that this isn’t just a workout tool like an extra set of weights or a pull-up bar. This is a massage therapist and physical therapist rolled into one. You will use this thing forever, whether you’re sore because of a workout, a long run, or just from carrying your kid around all day.

One thing to be aware of is if you aren’t used to using the Rumble Roller (or even the smooth ones for that matter), they may be a bit uncomfortable at first. The key is to just roll yourself to the point it starts being uncomfortable and then focus on relaxing and your breathing. You’ll soon feel the knots loosening and then you can start applying more and more pressure as needed.

If you’re someone who’s just getting back into working out, it might be difficult to jump right in to an intense program like P90X2. After breaks from my hard regime I always make the mistake of going too hard on my first day back, and end up sore for about four days afterwards. This is counterproductive because it ruins your momentum.

With the Rumble Roller you’ll wake up the next day feeling amazing and ready to take on day two of your training.

No Pain, No Gain! :-)

For those of you who are fitness fanatics, you might be like me and find Yoga and stretching to just be a bit boring. Well nothing adds excitement to the recovery and flexibility part of your overall fitness like pain! Think of it as exercise for your will and push those bumps in a little harder!

Learning about the Rumble Roller made me realize something important. I tend to put a lot more emphasis on my workout than my recovery, simply because the workout is the hard part. The pushing, the sweating, the pain, the achievements – they’re a high better than any other. Thinking about recovery just seems…boring.

But take a step back and think, not just about working out and sweating, but your whole life. You push yourself like you do because you want to forge a better version of yourself. You want to be stronger and faster than you were yesterday.

The creators of P90X2 understand all of this, but they also know that demanding more requires more focus on recovery and healing so that the benefits of the workout aren’t limited to a checkmark in a calendar. To truly carry that new found strength around in your daily life, recovery must be a big focus.

Thankfully we have the Rumble Roller to dig in and keep us always ready for more. So go ahead and buy your own Rumble Roller now…

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