Body Beast Workout – Unleash the HULK within

Body Beast Workout

Body Beast Workout

Are you tired of being sold the same workout routines that are marketed to pregnant mothers? Of course it’s great that people of all ages and in all situations are trying to get fit, but it wouldn’t be crazy if their goals were different from yours, would it?

Enter The Body Beast Workout . . .

Stop thinking about complicated muscle confusion strategies, max interval training, balance, agility, and coordination. Sometimes the goal is simple:

You’re not alone. The Body Best Workout is here for you, so grab your purple HULK shorts and get ready to release the beast.

What is the Body Beast Workout?

The Body Beast Workout is the product of Sagi Kalev, a former Israeli soldier and two-time “Mr. Israel” champion bodybuilder. Sagi designed this program using the principle of “Dynamic Set Training™”. Utilizing “Single Sets, Super Set, Giant Sets, Progressive Sets, Drop Sets, Tempo Sets, and more”, every part of this program is designed with one goal in mind: GET HUGE. In just 90 days you’ll be able to pack on 10 pounds of pure muscle, while cutting fat to make those muscles that much more impressive.

As you probably know, you can’t build the physique you want on top of fat, so the Body Beast Workout is broken into two training schedules.

The Lean Beast

This 12-week schedule includes a bigger focus on cardio to get rid of the fat covering your newly bulking body. If you’re pumped about the goals of Body Beast, you might be disappointed to see cardio included here, but let’s face it, if you’re going to work out with the kind of intensity required by Body Beast, the last thing you want is a shredded body with a layer of fat on top of it. Suck it up and know that every pound of fat you lose brings your new muscly friends that much closer to the surface where they can do their best work for your ego and the general sense of awe that will follow you around afterwards.

The Huge Beast

If you’re already lean or you’ve just finished the Lean Beast, you’re now ready for the real Body Beast Workout: The HUGE Beast. I love that there’s no beating around the bush here. You want to get huge; the Huge Beast will get you there.

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Who is the Body Beast Workout For?

The Body Beast Workout is for anyone who wants to get HUGE. If you’re passionate about becoming a bodybuilder or just want to walk along the beach and have people drool, look no further. This system is not for people looking for improved endurance, cardio, or mobility. Other products like P90X2  exist for that.

The Body Beast Workout has one simple goal – get BIG.

Women – you’ve been told that it’s almost impossible for you to get big, and of course it IS difficult, so most fitness resources tell you you’re silly for even thinking about it. Not the Body Beast Workout. Using this program will transform you into the muscle-bound SHE-HULK you always wanted to be.

What Equipment Do I Need for Body Beast?

Traditionally the only way to get big the way the Body Beast Workout will get you big was to join a gym. Only a gym has the specialized equipment needed to target the right muscles and provide the large variety of weights you’ll need.

One of the strongest selling features of the Body Beast Workout is the minimal amount of equipment you’ll need. No expensive machines or single-use pieces of equipment are needed. That said, if you want to get huge you’re going to have to lift heavy weights, so some initial investment will of course be required.

Dumbbells – With the Body Beast Workout the goal is not a huge number of reps but rather hitting your max reps quickly. The best equipment is probably a set of adjustable dumbbells whose maximum weight is such that 6-8 reps would be your max. Alternatively use the same weight plates you’ll need for the curl bar (see below) and just get the dumbbell cross-bar.

Bench – If you watch the videos you’ll see that several exercises involve an adjustable bench, so having one is probably a good idea. I bought a used one for about $40, which is not a huge investment at all.

Curl Bar/Weight Plates – Again from watching the videos you’ll see several exercises using a curl bar with different weights.

That’s it! A basic weight set that you can probably get for under $150 used and you’re good to go.

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What About Nutrition?

If you’re going to bulk up like the HULK you’re going to have to eat like the HULK. Fortunately Sagi is an expert when it comes to the nutrition required to deliver the results you’re looking for. According to the Beachbody site, you’ll need to consume between 1,800 and 5,000 calories per day. The breakdown of these meals depends on which of the three phases of training you’re on, the BUILD, BULK, or BEAST.

Eating this much won’t seem natural at first, but luckily the nutrition instructions include information on how to use Shakes and Supplements to ensure you’re getting exactly what you need without blowing apart your intestinal system from eating three times as much food as you’re used to.

You can learn more about these on the supplements page

How Do I Buy The Body Beast Workout?

The Body Beast Workout is an incredible value for what you’re getting: 7 DVDs containing 12 full workouts, plus “Book of Beast”, which has training tips and your full 3-phase eating plan. If your click here to order, you’ll also receive a FREE DVD, Lucky 7, which includes a full-body workout of seven exercises.

The program also comes with a 90-day money back guarantee, and given that this is a 90-day program, you could conceivably do almost all of it before deciding it wasn’t for you and returning it (and keeping the Lucky 7 disc).

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