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Buy P90X2

Buy P90X2

Looking to buy P90X2? If you’re ready to pull the trigger and buy P90X2, then click the following link to go ahead and buy the program – Buy P90X2.

If you’re a P90X addict like me, then you’re SUPER excited and pumped up to buy P90X2 and to take your fitness and health to a whole new level. I feel a kid again back when I was so anxious for Christmas to come so I can open up all my new toys. When I bought P90X2, I was so anxious to open up my new toy…I mean new fitness program! :-)

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Why Should You Buy P90X2?

Buy P90X2 - Tony Horton

P90X2 - Tony Horton

Why all the excitement about getting the chance to buy P90X2? Well, if you’ve ever done the original P90X, you stuck with it, and you followed the program like you’re supposed to do, then you saw incredible results. For my wife and I, P90X was the starting point of a total lifestyle shift for us.

I heard about P90X from a family member (thanks Aunt Rebekah and Greg) and I just so happened to be at a point where I was ready to change from a lazy bum who ate total junk and never exercised to really try to change things. I wasn’t getting any younger, and I knew that If I didn’t change I would eventually pay for my unhealthy, unactive lifestyle at some point down the road. So without going to deep into my story, I’ll just leave it at this. P90X changed my life (physically and financially). Period. If you’d like to read more on my story then go here- About Me.

So evidently there’s A LOT of people out there who had the same experience I did with P90X. As such, there are some DIE HARD P90X fans out there who are ready for a new challenge with P90X2 and are just as excited as I am to buy P90X2.

Here’s a few quick reasons why you should buy P90X2

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  • You want to get even more fit and healthy (we can ALWAYS get better).
  • You’re ready for a new challenge.
  • You have a man crush on Tony Horton (or woman crush).
  • You believe that variety is the spice of life.

Who Shouldn’t Buy P90X2?

So who shouldn’t buy P90X2 and who isn’t right for this program? Well P90X2 was designed for people who have already gone through the original P90X. So if you have yet to go through all 90 days of P90X, then commit to doing that NOW and go through it before you start P90X2.

Here’s a quick list of situations where you shouldn’t buy P90X2. These points are NOT to be taken lightly-

  • Don’t buy P90X2 if it’s been years and years since you’ve worked out. Buy the original P90X, and THEN buy P9oX2.
  • Don’t buy P90X2 if you’re going to just leave it in the box to gather dust. Only buy P90X2 if you’re ready for a real challenge and committed to seeing it through.

Guys, and gals, please take point #1 very seriously. You WILL get injured if you buy P90X2 and try to go through it and it’s been years and years since you’ve worked out. Don’t try to be Superman, or Superwoman. Start with P90X, and then buy P90X2.

P90X Versus P90X2 – Buy P90X2

Surprisingly, I haven’t gotten a ton of my fellow P90X peeps asking me the difference between P90X and P90X2. I guess it makes since though since we’ve been doing the original P90X for so long that having a brand new set of extreme workouts by Tony Horton is enough to get us pumped up and excited to buy P90X2.

For the people who would like to know the differences between P90X and P90X2 before they “buy P90X2”, check out this video from the MAN himself, Tony Horton. I think he’s the best person to explain the differences since he’s the creator! :-)


Overview Of P90X2 – Buy P90X2

If you’re looking for a quick overview before you buy P90X2, then I think the easiest way to give that to you is again by video. Check out this video for a sneak peak of the moves that will be in P90X2-

Also, if you want even more information before you buy P90X2, then check out these posts-

For my initial review of P90X2, go here- P90X2 Review
For a FAQ with questions that I get a lot, go here- P90X2 Workout

Lastly, if you didn’t check out the first video on the page, make sure to do that since that will give you an awesome overview of P90X2.

If You’re Ready For A Whole New Level Of Fitness, Then Buy P90X2

Again, I just want to quickly re-iterate, that if it’s been years and years since you’ve worked out, then hold off from doing P90X2. Start with the original P90X first, and then move on and buy P90X2.

However, if you’re a P90X addict like me, or you’re already in decent shape and are ready for a challenge, AND you understand that you can always get faster, stronger, and healthier, then I say do it and go ahead and buy P90X2 here.

The choice is yours though and as always, you need to be ready to BRING IT! I can’t wait to hear your results after you buy P90X2 and go through all 90 days!

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