P90X2 Review

P90X2 Review

P90X2 Review

It is time for my P90X2 review! P90X2 is HERE and it’s the NEXT P90X! This program has been highly anticipated by the hundreds of thousands of crazy P90X lovers like myself! :-) In my “P90X2 review” I’m going to go over the good AND the bad of this program.

I’ve had a chance to personally workout with Tony Horton and try some of the moves that will be in P90X2 and I also have the entire P90X Volume 3 One-on-One series where Tony Horton experiments with different exercises and basically uses us as the guinea pigs to help put P90X2 together. So I wanted to give you my super top secret insiders look and give you my P90X2 review of what I’ve experienced and know so far.

Overview of the Program – P90X2 Review

To start my P90X2 review, I wanted to give you a basic overview of the program. Just like P90X, the P90X 2 workout schedule will be 90 days long (as the name implies) and has been designed to build upon the original P90X workout. It incorporates the same concept of muscle confusion where you are doing a variety of different exercises. The P90X2 schedule is always being switched up so that you don’t hit a plateau and so you don’t get bored like you do with traditional fitness programs. It was also created to take your health and fitness to a whole new level by increasing your strength, balance, agility, core, and athleticism (with a huge emphasis on core and balance). P90X2 was developed by Tony Horton in conjunction with other professional sports trainers and will most definitely give you incredible results just like P90X.



3 Phases Of P90X2 – P90X2 Review

P90X2 Phases

P90X2 Phases - P90X2 Review

The P90X2 workout program comes with 12 workouts (you get 2 extra P90X2 workouts with the Ultimate and Deluxe packages) and is broken up into 3 phases just like P90X. Here is a breakdown of the phases and the focus on that particular phase-

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  • Phase 1 – Foundation, 3-5 weeks
  • Phase 2 – Strength, 3-6 weeks
  • Phase 3 – Performance, 3-4 weeks
  • Recovery Week

The first phase of the program is heavily focused on your core and balance. During this phase you’ll be working to build a solid foundation to build on for the next two phases. A few of the P90X2 phase 1 workouts are X2 Core and X2 Balance & Power. X2 Core will revolve around exercises that focus on your core while having you do moves that create a huge amount of instability (so that you get a better workout). The X2 Balance & Power workout will force you to work on your balance and will have a ton of strength moves, and exercises with explosive movements.

Here’s a very quick preview of the X2 Core workout-

Phase 2 of P90X will have a huge focus on strength and will incorporate the Plyocide workout. If you’ve ever done the original P90X Plyometrics, then you KNOW this is going to be a killer workout (it’s going to be painful, but so worth it)! :-) Phase 2 will also incorporate the Chest, Back, & Balance workout which is basically the P90X Chest and Back on steroids. It will be very similar to P90X Chest & Back except that you’ll be using lots of medicine balls and other platforms that create instability.

Lastly, Phase 3 of P90X2 will be focused around increasing your performance. This phase will incorporate the the P.A.P. (Post Activation Potentiation) workouts- PAP Upper, and PAP Lower. This is a revolutionary workout technique that is being used by the best and most fit athletes in the world. It basically consists of doing a weighted exercise immediately followed by an explosive exercise. This has been proven to greatly increase power and strength and will will totally rip you a part (in a GOOD way)! :-)

The Bad – P90X2 Review

My P90x2 review wouldn’t be complete without giving you the pros and cons of the program! Let’s first get the negative of my P90X2 review knocked out…

1. It’s NOT, I Repeat, NOT for Beginners! This program was specifically created to do AFTER you’ve done P90X. P90X2 is not like P90X where some people are able to jump right into it if they are in the right mindset (even if it’s been years since they’ve worked out). Please don’t attempt this program if it’s been years since you’ve worked out. You should at least have done a full 90 days of P90X or Insanity before doing P90X2. Otherwise, you risk injuring yourself from not being properly prepared for the program.

2. For You Cardio Lovers, There Isn’t Hardcore Outright Cardio Workouts In P90X2. There is the Plyocide workout (which is definitely cardio) and you WILL be doing high interval workout routines in the workouts (where your heart rate is going really high, then going back down, really high, then back down again, etc.), but there isn’t specific cardio workouts like in Insanity (which really revolves all around cardio). This won’t be an issue for most people, unless you’re a long distance runner. The easy solution would be to do a P90X2 Insanity hybrid if you’re a long distance runner and need the endurance.

P90X2 Tony HortonThe Good – P90X2 Review

Now the fun stuff! I’m going to go over the pros of my P90X2 review…

 1. It’s the NEXT P90X! Plain and simple, this is THE program for anyone who loves the original P90X and wants a entirely new stepped up version of P90X. The P90X workout has truly changed MY life and hundreds of thousands of other people’s lives and we all want MORE! :-)

2. No More 1 hour and 15 Minutes Of Yoga! I know there are lots of people who are going to cheer about that! :-) P90X Yoga X was pretty darn long so in P90X2 they’ve shortened it to a more reasonable 65 minutes long. I know there are some people who hate Yoga and would be happy for it to go away, but it’s there for a reason! Just do it!

3. Your Working Out Only FIVE Days A Week! From what I’ve been told, the P90X2 weekly schedule is going to be 5 days long versus 6 days long like in P90X. I’m sure we are going to really need those 2 days of rest! :-) That will just help a lot of people be able to stick with the program better (you can have weekends off).

To Conclude…Take ACTION! – P90X2 Review

My P90X2 review is getting pretty long so I think it’s time I end it here. I have A LOT more information to share on P90X2, but I’m to include that info in future blog posts so stay tuned!

If you are a P90X, Insanity Grad, OR you have been working out for quite some time and are in good shape, then make sure to order P90X2 now. By doing so you’ll get 2 free workout DVD’s just for ordering through my site, AND you’ll get me as your personal fitness Coach to help support and motivate you. So click the following link to and make sure you order today…

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I really hope you enjoyed reading my P90X2 review blog post! Once I’ve gone through all 90 days of P90X2, I’ll either update this post or put together a new P90X2 Review with my results. Make sure you share the love by sharing my “P90X2 Review” post with all of your peeps through your favorite social media sites!

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