P90X2 Workout FAQ

P90X2 Workout

P90X2 Workout

Since the orders for the P90X2 workout have officially begun, I’ve been getting a ton of questions on it. Many people have been wondering if the original P90X isn’t as good anymore, or if the P90X2 workout is an upgrade to P90X? What’s different about the P90X2 workout? Is it better than P90X? Should I quit P90X and switch over? I think you get the point! :-)

I’d like to take a minute and clear up some of the confusion by answering some common questions regarding the P90X2 workout.

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Secondly, if you’re looking for my review on the P90X2 workout, then go here- P90X2 Review.

Ok, now onto the P90X2 workout frequently asked questions…

P90X2 Workout FAQ

1.) Is the P90X2 workout some kind of upgrade? Is it better than P90X? Some things count as an upgrade. The next iPhone will be an upgrade over whatever is out on the market right now. P90X2, on the other hand, is no upgrade. It is an enhancement, much like an expansion pack. It isn’t better than P90X. It just offers more options for muscle confusion and overall fitness.

2.) Does the P90X2 workout use the same muscle confusion techniques? You bet. That’s what I like so much about it. The only issue I have with P90X is the same issue I have with any sort of fitness routine. Over time, you adapt to it. When you’re given a totally different challenge, you get more muscle confusion, and that’s what the P90X2 workout is all about.

3.) Is the P90X2 workout harder than P90X? I’m not sure that’s the best way to look at it. Ideally, they should both be as hard as they possibly could be. At least if they’re working that’s how it should be. P90X2, just like P90X, will throw you for a loop. That’s the point. It isn’t easier or harder. If anything, it should remind you of the first time you ever tried P90X. Remember that? Remember how awesome you felt? Remember how SORE you were? :-)

4.) Does the P90X2 workout give you options to tweak your own program? Definitely. Just like in P90X, you get the option to train strength, agility, or balance. It all depends on which phase you spend most of your time training in. Stick with phase 1, and you’ve got your balance covered. Spend more time in phase 2 for increased strength and muscle growth. And if you’ve got athletic agility on your mind, you’ll definitely want to put more effort into phase 3.

5.) Is it still 6 days a week? Nope. Now it’s 5 days a week of insanity. Don’t think that just because it’s only 5 days a week it’ll be any easier. When you’re doing a crazier workout, you need more time to recover. Those two break days are not for sitting on the couch, however. They’re more like a much needed break from constantly pushing it.

6.) What’s with the rumors that there’s no cardio? Really? Who told you that? Okay, I have a confession to make. There isn’t really any proper “cardio” in P90X either. Both P90X and P90X2 rely on anaerobic interval training, which will definitely improve your cardiovascular system, however it’s not “cardio” in the same sense that everybody else thinks about it. No jogging or biking or any of that. This will train your cardiovascular system in a much more effective way.

7.) Do I need to buy any new equipment. Nope. None at all, actually. You can do everything in a hotel room if you want, so there’s no excuse for not exercising. Chances are you’ll want the want the optional equipment though so you can do the more extreme version of the moves (just like in P90X). You can get the optional equipment for the P90X2 workout as an add-on option.

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8.) What equipment can you get with the P90X2 workout? Glad you asked. Just remember you don’t really “need” any of it. The optional P90X2 workout equipment simply makes it easier to target certain areas and so you can do the extreme version of the exercises. The cool thing is that you can add it as you go along, gradually making the routine more challenging.

  • Push-up stands- Great way to isolate your chest muscles and triceps. Easy to pack in a bag and bring with you when you go on trips.
  • Yoga blocks- Make your workout more comfortable and improve your alignment with these.
  • Resistance bands and weights- Add some more resistance to your workout where you need it.
  • Exercise stability ball- Wonderful for isolating your ab muscles in many of our P90X workouts. You’ll find yourself using this one all the time.
  • The foam roller- All kinds of athletes are using these nowadays to improve muscle development and to get the most of their strength training.
  • Pull-up bar- No need to explain this one.
  • Pull-up assist- Much better than simply using a chair, the pull-up assist will help you build the strength you need so that you’re able to do pull ups with no assistance or chair.

9.) What is foam rolling? By rolling your body over the foam roller, you’re doing a kind of massage that lengthens your muscles. It’s sort of like stretching, but it runs a little deeper than that. If you do it a lot, you’ll notice the difference it makes when it comes to having a better range of motion and improved flexibility.

10.) What about the diet for the P90X2 workout? How has that changed? Well it hasn’t really changed that much at all in terms of nutrition. That’s all the same. The thing is, we realized people get tired of eating the same things over and over again, so we added in more options. Same great food. Lots of new flavors to try.

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I hope you found this P90X2 workout FAQ post helpful! If you did, then make sure you leave a comment below. Also, if you have any other questions on the P90X2 workout, leave them below!

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