Cheap Healthy Foods

Cheap Healthy Foods

Cheap Healthy Foods

Looking for some cheap healthy foods? Common wisdom says you can’t eat well without paying the price. We balk at the price of nutritious whole foods, and yet we don’t bat at an eye at paying $15 for a bottle of wine or $4 for a bag of Doritos. In my experience it’s not eating well that kills your budget. It’s eating poorly. If budget really is the reason you’ve been avoiding healthy choices, try these cheap healthy foods.

6 Cheap And Healthy Foods You Can Incorporate Into Your Diet

#1 Cheap Healthy Foods

Potatoes.  The Irish got it right. To be healthy and fit, you need to eat a lot of carbohydrates. Very few sources of carbohydrates are as concentrated as potatoes. A sack of Russet potatoes will cost you as little as $4, and it will feed you for more than a week. Talk about eating well.

I’d also suggest eating sweet potatoes (also known as Yams) when you want to change things up. Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of vitamin A and C as well as iron and folate. They’re super easy to prepare too. Just toss ‘em on a dish and microwave. Dinner solved.

#2 Cheap Healthy Foods

Eggs. Often overlooked and assumed to be unhealthy, eggs are bursting full of nutrients and protein. They’re so good I like to start every day with at least one (I actually usually have FOUR first thing in the morning:-)). If you’re on a budget, eggs are a go-to solution. You’ll pay somewhere around $2 for a dozen of them, which is usually enough to last a week (unless you’re eating like as many as me, and therefore you may want to pick up a few boxes). What a cheap and easy way to add some extra nutritional value to your breakfast.

#3 Cheap Healthy Foods

Oatmeal. It might not be glamorous or tasty on its own, but oatmeal definitely does the job. It is singlehandedly the most healthy thing you can eat for breakfast. Why? Because it’s got tons of fiber, vitamins, and carbohydrates in a very compact and concentrated form.

The price of oatmeal is ridiculously low too. You’ll pay $4 for a giant can of the stuff, and it will last you an entire week. Take that and compare it to the breakfast cereal you’re eating right now. Chances are you’re paying way too much for something that just doesn’t deliver the same nutritional value. Make the switch to oatmeal, and you’ll be stoked on the savings as well as the health benefit.

#4 Cheap Healthy Foods

Mr Bean

Beans Not Mr. Bean! :-) - Cheap Healthy Foods

Beans. Looking for a cheap way to add more protein to your diet? Beans are it. Dry beans cost next to nothing, and there are so many different kinds that you’ll never get bored with them. If you can’t afford to spend a lot of money on lean meat, just replace some of your protein portion with beans. It’s a good way to make a chicken breast go a long way.

Beans are loaded with fiber and amino acids too. Combine them with a whole grain of your choosing, and you’ll have a completely nutritious meal.

#5 Cheap Healthy Foods

Frozen Veggies. When you can’t afford the fresh stuff, go for frozen. The funny irony is that frozen vegetables are actually more nutritious than fresh vegetables anyway. That’s because food growers freeze the vegetables when they’re at the peak of freshness. The supposedly “fresh” vegetables you get at your produce counter are a lot less fresh than frozen vegetables because they have been sitting out longer. Microbes eat things that sit out.

The same rule applies to canned fruits and vegetables. Go ahead and tell that to your hippie friends. Nah. Don’t. Just smile to yourself knowing that some processed foods are in fact better for you.

#6 Cheap Healthy Foods

Whole Grain Pasta. Yet another cheap and excellent source of energy. When you go the whole grain route (as opposed to the bleached white route), you get added fiber. Pasta is full of complex carbohydrates, the kind that give you energy for hours on end. You already know how to make it. Just add more to your diet.

You can easily get your friends on the healthy eating train with whole grain pasta. Just whip up a giant bowl of it with some fresh tomato sauce and lean chicken breast. It’s not like you’re forcing quinoa or anything weird on them. They’ll love it, and it won’t put you in the poorhouse.

I think people get the impression that eating healthy is expensive because so many expensive “boutique” foods are marketed as healthy. The truth is the reverse. It’s the basic stuff, the potatoes, the beans, the rice, the pasta, and the oatmeal that are good for you. They aren’t glamorous by any stretch of the imagination, but they’re cheap and they get the job done.

Do You Have Any Cheap Healthy Foods You Recommend?

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