I so hate doing this. I hate admitting failure (been a re-occurring theme for me here recently huh?) , but it needs to be done.

First, before I share this confession with you, not sure if you remember or not, but in a blog post I created for you end of June (this one here), I told you moving forward I’ve got 2 words I need to share with you.

I don’t think I ever shared those 2 words, so here they are…


…you may have already figured that out, but just wanted to formally tell you. I’m so excited to re-start our journey together.

I’m so excited to HELP you. I’m so excited to see YOU get the body you’ve always dreamed of having (a body that everyone, EVERYONE will be jealous of :-)).

I’m so excited to help you on your journey so you can look in the mirror and feel so dang good about yourself.

So….I’m excited…can’t you tell? ;-) I hope YOU are too. This is the start of GREAT things for YOU, if….IF you take action.

Ok, now back to the confession I need to share with you.

For the past at least 8 weeks (I think probably more like 10 weeks).

I have not gotten any “real” workouts in.

Our Old Townhome

Our Townhome We Just Officially Sold Today (yea yaaaa!)

My wife and I put our townhome up for sale in May, and then we moved into our new home middle of June.

When we put our townhome up for sale we had to keep our townhome perfect. Since our living room was our workout area, that meant we had to pack up a lot of our equipment, and put our weights in the garage.

SO, that was my excuse then as to why I couldn’t workout.

In all reality though, I could have made it work. There’s this little program called Insanity that we have that requires ZERO equipment that I could have done.

So then we finally moved into our new home middle of June.

Admittedly, it was a constant go-go-go. It seemed like it was never-ending stuff that needed to be done-

  • We had to move everything from our townhome to our new home.
  • We had to call contractors to fix stuff at our townhome after we went under contract to sell it.
  • We had to do tons of yard work at our new home since the prior owners totally neglected the front & backyard landscaping.
  • We had to unpack and put stuff away at our new home.
  • And on and on and on.

As I’m typing this, I’ve come to realize everything I just shared with you…

Is pure and simple…

stop making excusesEXCUSES!

In my mind then I couldn’t fit my “workouts” into our busy schedule. But in ALL actuality…

I could have made it work.
I could have made the time.

SO….To be totally 100% real with you, and to own up to everything…

For the past 10 weeks, I have NOT worked out like I should have and instead, I just made a ton of dumb excuses.

Can you relate at all to that? Are there any excuses YOU are making?

NOW…it’s time to get my act together, and just move forward.

It’s time to take control of my health & fitness and get myself back to where I should be.

No excuses.

It’s a trek. It’s a never ending trek to bettering ourselves so we can live a long, happy, healthy life (that’s why fitness & eating right is NOT a “temporary thing”…it’s a lifelong journey).

You wanna join me on this journey?

Leave Our Community a Comment Below and tell us if YOU ARE committed to a better YOU and are going to work to living EXCUSE free like I am.

Oh yea, one last thing…TODAY, my wife and I are starting a brand new program. I’ll share with you what program we’re doing, how the first workout went in just a few days so you can join us on this journey if you want.

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