P90X Week 3

P90X Plyometrics: Airborne Heisman

P90X Plyometrics: Airborne Heisman

Week 3 of the P90X workout is done! Since I’ve already gone through one round of P90X, this round seems to be flying by! It’s hard to believe that my wife and I will be going into a Recovery Week starting on Sunday. The workouts have gone great this week and Jen (my wife) has yet again made some huge improvements! This is her first round of P90X.

Jen is SO close to being able to do a Reverse Grip Chin-Up without using a chair. On Thursday during P90X Legs and Back she tried doing one without the chair, and she made it a little over 3/4’s of the way up to the bar. I’m thinking that week 5 of P90X might be the week she does a pull up without the chair. After looking at Jen’s P90X Worksheets, she has yet again increased her reps from week 2 for a majority of the exercises. During the pull ups she is doing anywhere from 12 to as many as 16 reps per set.

I asked Jen if she’s excited to go into the recovery week and she said, “YES!” She is looking forward to taking a break from Plyometrics. It’s one of those workouts that she hates, but she loves it when she’s done! That was a really hard workout for me too when I started P90X. I finally feel like I’m at a point now where Plyometrics is not as tough to get through. I’m still huffing and puffing my way through it (and my legs burn like crazy), but it feels like it’s actually getting somewhat easier.

These next few weeks are going to be super busy! I have my Coast Guard drills this weekend (I’m in the Coast Guard Reserves), and then I start my 2 weeks of active duty on Monday. I’ll be doing all of my P90X workouts in the evenings with Jen during that time. I’ve heard that at my Coast Guard Station they have everyone do the PT test (1.5 mile run, sit ups, push ups, and sit and reach) every day during the week before lunch. If that’s the case, then I’m really going to have to eat more food to give me enough energy to get through P90X. I guess it’s a good thing next week is a recovery week!

Lastly, I have some VERY exciting news that I’m going to share with everyone at some point during the next few weeks. There have been a lot of changes going on in my life and I’m going be doing some pretty exciting things here in a few weeks! More to come soon! :-)

I hope everyone had an awesome week and got some great workouts in! If this week didn’t go as well as you had hoped, don’t worry about it! Just give your workouts 110% this upcoming week! Keep pushing play!

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