Public Apology.

Time to speak the obvious and admit to you my failure.

I have totally, utterly dropped the ball. For the past YEAR, I have totally not been the Coach to you I should have been.

Last year I made the decision to start a new business teaching people how to market themselves through the Internet.

While I had good intentions to help MORE people (who wanted to get financially fit), I totally ignored you and the community at

I was a one man show trying to balance 2 businesses all it once so as a result…I just totally neglected you and our community.

The hardest part of this whole lesson is just thinking of the lives that I COULD HAVE changed this past year.

And due to my own piss poor ability to balance my new business venture and our community…

I’ve totally failed you.

And for that, I am truly sorry. I’m truly sorry for not only failing you, but for also failing our community, and our team.

SO…moving forward I’ve got 2 words for you.

I’ll actually share those words with you in a couple of days (maybe sooner) AND how TOGETHER you and I can move forward in our lives while living…

A healthy FIT life…full of energy. Full of life. Full of passion.

(and full of others being so dang jealous of how GOOD we look ;-) )

I’m excited.
I’m fired up.

It ain’t going to be easy starting out, but we’ll make it work.

Because I miss helping you. I miss our community. I can’t wait to transform your life, and my life…TOGETHER.

More coming soon so stay tuned!

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