How To Stay On Track In 2013 . . .

JenHi Guys, Jen Register here, you all know my husband as a fitness-lover, but what you don’t know is that I was the original fitness lover. I had been on my fitness journey for about 3 years before Jonathan finally decided to join me. In January of 2007 I weighed 165lbs and just got engaged to a man who weighed about 25lbs less than that. I know all the woman out there will understand how this can be the ultimate motivator. With my new engagement ring on I managed to shed 30 lbs by my wedding day and have kept if off for almost 6 years now.

If you would like to know how I have been able to accomplish the feat and you can to…continue reading…if you’re not interested then you’re probably not at the right website?

Rule 1. Plan it out

I’m not talking about the day before, although that is important, I’m talking about get a planner, use it for all your other appointments, but in that calendar write down exactly what workout you will be doing each day for the first 2-3 months of the year (depending on what Beachbody program you chose). As you enter the last month of your program start planning what you are going to do for the next 2-3 months. Trust me; it is really hard to not do that workout when it is glaring at you on your planner each day! Also, each week you should be looking at the workouts that you have scheduled for that week and deciding if it will work for you. Beachbody is nice of enough to give you a schedule that works best for the program, but if it doesn’t work for you one week, you can still get it done. If you have to move your rest day to a really busy day or move Yoga X to a really slow day, it’s ok, as long as you are still getting them done.

Rule 2. Tell your friends and family

Let them know you are starting a new healthy and fit lifestyle and would appreciate their support. Tell them to ask you periodically how you’re doing with it. Ask them to be considerate of your new food choices. Jonathan and I are typically pretty healthy eaters, but we are also human and do cheat every once in a while. It is funny to us that our close friends seem to apologize for poor food choices when we’re around or try to have healthy options if they know we are going to be coming to a social gathering. Your friends and family love you and will support you, but you have to let them know you need their support.

Rule 3. Find an Accountability buddy or buddies

This is key! Jonathan and I tend to be each other’s accountability buddies throughout the year, but at certain times during the year I have been known to run challenge groups and it is amazing how this helps my accountability even more. The idea that you are not only letting yourself down, but letting someone else down is typically harder for most people. Facebook is a great easy way to find and keep in touch with accountability buddies. Through messages, wall posts, and even groups, you can find easy ways to keep yourself healthy throughout the year!

Rule 4. Plan healthy activities

If you have the opportunity to have an opinion when it comes to a social activity, vote for some healthy. Jonathan and I regularly choose places for meals out that we know have healthy options. Another example is for my birthday each year I try to pick something active, one year it was rock climbing, another was a timed scavenger hunt around the neighborhood! We also enjoy hikes in the park for double dates instead of movies, less risk of tempting yourself with that delicious smelling popcorn!!

Rule 5. Get rid of your “fat” clothes

This rule is for a little later in the year, but VERY important. Once I was officially down a size, I got rid of all my larger clothes, not only does it feel awesome, but you will have more of a financial incentive to stay smaller. I personally work as a bank manager and have to wear suits almost every day. Before losing my weight I was a solid size 12, since losing I am a size 6-8 (depending on cut), and the minute my size 6 suits start to get tight, I re-evaluate my nutrition and exercise plans, and get back on track!

Rule 6. Reward yourself

This ABSOLUTELY does NOT mean with food. Remember, that’s how you got to the point where you need to lose weight!! Set a specific goal; (i.e. 2 weeks of eating clean, lose 5 lbs, lose 2 in. on your waist or hips, ect.) when you set that goal, also set a reward for reaching it. Some reward ideas include a manicure, a new shirt or dress, a trip to your favorite museum, or tickets to a sporting event or concert. It is completely based on what would motivate you, but remember, food or any derivative of food, should NEVER be the reward.

I hope you find these 6 rules helpful. They will give you not only the ability to lose weight, but the ability to keep it off too! Do you have 30 lbs. you would like to lose? I know I did, and these helped me get there and stay there!! And I know you can do it too!


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