When Will You See Results?

When Will You See ResultsJonathan…when will I see results with P90X? Or Insanity, TurboFire, Shakeology, etc. etc.?

I probably get this question at least once a week so it just might be something you are wondering about.

You’ve started a fitness program, and you’re anxious to see those results and wondering when the heck will you see them! Totally understandable!

So, you ready for the answer? I’ll first give you the short answer, then I’ll break it down and explain it more in detail.

When should you start seeing results with your fitness program (no matter what program you’re doing)?

The answer is…

I have no idea! :-)

Probably not the answer you’re looking for, but I really have no clue when you’ll see results. Why?

The Long Explanation On When You’ll See Results…

It depends on a number of factors which makes it impossible to say that you’ll get X results by X date. When YOU will get results depends on-

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  • Your nutrition
  • Your intensity level during the workouts
  • Your metabolism
  • Your body type
  • If you stick with ALL of the workouts or not
  • Any medical issues you have (that you know about/and that you don’t know about)
  • Etc. etc. etc.

So do you now understand why I can’t tell you when you’ll see results with your fitness program? The timing on when the results come is different for everyone and it’s IMPOSSIBLE to give a definitive date on when you’ll see results.

But Jonathan, What If I Give 100% To The Workouts & My Nutrition?

You’ve gotta be able to tell me when I’ll see results if I give 100% to the workouts and my nutrition…Right?

WRONG! :-)

You still have a different metabolism, different body type, etc. etc. I still have no clue when you’ll see results.

Ok, I Can Tell You This On When You’ll See Results…

I can tell you, if you give 100% to your workouts AND you stick with the nutrition side of things…

Unless you have some type of medical condition, you should see some results. How much? Again I couldn’t tell you.

Will you lose all of the weight and achieve  all of your goals your first time through the program? Maybe, maybe not. I couldn’t tell you again.

Some people do achieve all of their goals, some don’t.

Important Thing To Keep In Mind

All Great Achievements Require TimeWorking out, eating right, should NOT just be a 60, or 90 day thing. So if you don’t hit your goals your first time through your fitness program…it’s ok!

This should be a LIFELONG commitment. That may sound to be a bit much, but that’s what it needs to be. I’d be crappy Coach to tell you anything different.

You only have ONE body while you’re hear on Earth. So you should ALWAYS be taking care of it by exercising and eating right if you want to live as long, and healthy of a life as possible . . . So you can enjoy AS much time on this Earth with family, and friends.

When I started P90X the first time was I expecting a total lifestyle change? Was I expecting to have to continue working out after my first 90 days?

I honestly didn’t even think about it. All I knew, is I was tired of looking the way I looked. I was tired of feeling the way I felt. I wanted change. I wanted to live a life free of sickness, disease so I can grow up to be that old dude that own’s a Woody and surfs all day. That’s ALL I knew. :-)

And what happened? I changed. This journey turned from a 90 day fitness program, into a TOTAL lifestyle change.

Over 2 years later, I’m in the best shape of my life. I look good, I feel better, stronger, faster, then I have ever felt before. And I ain’t EVER, EVER going back to the old me.

So if you don’t accomplish the results you want during your first round of whatever program you’re doing…

Don’t quit.

Just look at everything you did during that first round. Be 100% honest with yourself on whether you REALLY gave it your all. Whether you REALLY stuck with the nutrition.

Correct your mistakes.

…And Keep Moving Forward.

THAT is how you see the changes you want. THAT is how you get the body of your dreams.





Play! (and eating right) :-)


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