No Workouts Next Week…BUT…

I’ve gotta video update coming at you!

Inside this video I’ll give you…
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  • An update on my progress with P90X2…have I gained any weight?
  • I’ll tell you why I won’t be getting my usual P90X2 workouts in next week, BUT I’ll be doing something EVEN cooler! :-) You’ve gotta here this!
  • For those of you who struggle with pull ups, or who can’t even do 1 single pull up, I’ll tell you a simple, yet effective way to build up your strength so you’re pumping out pull ups like Tony Horton.

So hit the play button below now…

As I mentioned in the video, how are YOUR workouts going? Are you still pushing play? If so, what day are you on and how are things going?

Leave me a comment below and let us know how things are going for YOU!


P.S. As I also mentioned in the video, if you’re a leader with more desires than excuses, you have a genuine desire to get fit & healthy and help others do the same, then go to the following link, enter your info, and watch the entire private presentation – Team TREK2BEFIT




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