P90 Workout

Should you do the P90 workout (Power 90) or should you do the P90X Workout? Check out the video below to determine which one is best for you!

To download the fit test, click on the following link:

P90X Fit Test

I passed the Fit Test! Now what?

Go ahead and order P90X by clicking the following link–> P90X Program. Once you do that, go ahead and download the P90X Worksheets so you can put together a “P90X Binder.” Then get ready to get into the best shape of your life!

I didn’t do so hot on the Fit Test, or I failed it, what should I do?

No problem! That just means you need a little bit of prep before you start P90X. The P90 workout also known as Power 90 is the right program for you. Just do the P90 workout, and then re-take the Fit Test before starting P90X. Click here to order P90 aka Power 90.

I’m still confused! What should I do?

Then contact me and I’ll be glad to help!

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