P90X Legs and Back

P90X Legs And Back

P90X Legs And Back

P90X Legs and Back used to be one of the P90X workouts that I hated the most…yep I’ll admit it! :-) Why did I hate this workout so much? The same reason I disliked the P90X Plyometrics workout. I had puny little legs and the P90x Legs and Back workout would crush my legs! Not only would I be huffing and puffing (struggling to catch my breath) as I went through the exercises, but by the end of this workout it’d be painful to go up and down the stairs in our home.

For a lot of people like myself, P90X Legs and Back is a tough workout. You may even dread this workout like I used to. With time I have learned to love P90X Legs and Back (ok, maybe not LOVE, but let’s just say like). While it still isn’t one of my favorite workouts, it’s a workout that works my weakest points so I NEED this workout more then any of the other P90X workouts.

In this post I’m going to give you 5 tips that will help you learn to like P90X Legs and Back if you currently dread it like I did. If you already enjoy and like P90X Legs and Back then these tips should help you to love it even more.

5 Tips That Will Make You Have Happy Dreams About P90X Legs and Back :-)

#1 – P90X Legs and Back Tips

Hold back a little until you learn your limits. It is so easy to go into P90X and just go ALL out with the workouts. I did that during my very first week of P90X and I was so sore to the point where I almost quit the program. It is ok to hold back a little bit, and I do highly recommend you do that especially during your first few weeks. Most people don’t know their limits going into P90X and push themselves too hard. Hold back a little bit during the first few weeks until you know your limits and then BRING IT every single day thereafter.

#2 – P90X Legs and Back Tips

P90X Legs And Back Pull Ups

P90X Legs And Back Pull Ups

If you start doing too many reps add some weight to the equation. For me personally, I got to the point where I was doing 15 to 20+ pull ups during “P90X Legs and Back” (the pull ups were my strong point, and my legs/cardio were my weak points). My reps were getting so high that I started dreading the pull ups. I’d also get so focused on the number of reps that I was doing that my form was getting pretty bad. I eventually decided to buy a weighted vest to wear during all the exercises and that dropped my reps down dramatically. Simply adding some weight to the equation helped me to stop dreading the pull ups and really look forward to them again.

Feel free to check out my review on the weighted vest that I use here- MiR Weighted Vest Review

#3 – P90X Legs and Back Tips

Stop focusing on what you dislike about this workout, and focus on what you enjoy. I know, I know…I’m sure you’ve heard something like this before (focus on the positive not the negative), BUT it works! If there is anything you enjoy about P90X Legs and Back or any SUCCESS you’ve had with it, then focus on that. Don’t dwell on the negative and keep telling yourself how much you hate P90X Legs and Back! I used to do that, and it doesn’t do anything but make you hate it more, and then as a result the quality of your workout will suffer.

#4 – P90X Legs and Back Tips

Just suck it up and DO IT! Tony Horton says this either during P90X Legs and Back or during another P90X workout. Sometimes you do just have to SUCK IT UP and just get er done! There are many days where I DON’T want to workout or push play, but I do it anyways. Why? Because I’m 100% dedicated to accomplishing my goals and committed to continually getting fitter, healthier and stronger. The ONLY way that I’ll be able to do that is if I keep pushing play, and on some days I just have to SUCK IT UP and do it! So do EXACTLY that!

#5 – P90X Legs and Back Tips

Get as much support and outside motivation that you can get. We’re ALL human and no matter what kind of shape you’re in we ALL need support and some extra motivation from time to time (including myself). Do yourself a favor and create a FREE Team Beachbody account by clicking here. You’ll not only get me as you personal success Coach to see that you succeed and stick with P90X, but you’ll also get access to a butt load of free tools and a community of people going through P90X just like you. It takes 1 minute and 37 seconds to create your free account, so just do it, and TAKE advantage of it!

P90X Legs and Back Final Thoughts…

Whatever you do, just stick with P90X Legs and Back, and keep pushing play every single day no matter what. Stay focused on the end goal. Your end goal MUST be deeper then “just trying to lose weight” or “trying to add some muscle.” That isn’t a deep enough reason that’s going to get you through P90X.

Think about that and spend some time figuring out your “Why” for doing P90X. Write it down once you figure it out, push play, and just do it!

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