How To Take Your P90X Measurements And P90X Before Pictures

P90X Before PicturesTaking your P90X measurements and your P90X before pictures are so so SOOO, very important! This is a critical step that a lot of people skip. They get so excited about starting P90X that they jump right into the workouts without doing the prep work. This is a BIG no no since the people that skip this step are usually the people that end up quitting and not finishing the program (and therefore NOT accomplishing their goals). DON’T become one of those people! Take the 10 or 15 minutes that it takes to do these easy, simple steps so that you are more likely to complete all 90 days of P90X and accomplish your goals whether it be to lose weight, get toned, or even to get ripped and bulked up.

So read on, because I’ll give you a few more reasons why you MUST take your P90X measurements and your P90X before pictures, and I’ll also tell you exactly how to take them.

Why Take Your P90X Measurements & P90X Before Pictures?

P90X MeasurementsI already mentioned the first reason above, which is to make it more likely that you’ll stick with P90X and follow through with the program. Another more obvious reason you should take them is so you can track your progress with the program and make adjustments when needed. You should re-take your P90X before pictures and your P90X measurements every 30 days (or at the end of each Phase). By doing so you’ll know if you’re headed in the right direct or not.

If your goal is to drop the inches/lose weight, and you take your P90X measurements to find out that you’re actually gaining weight and your measurements are increasing, then you know that you are doing something wrong. This is more then likely a result of your nutrition. To lose weight/drop inches you have to make sure you are eating healthy food and you’ve got to have a calorie deficit (meaning you are burning more calories then you are taking in).

Another reason why you must take your P90X measurements and your P90X before pictures is to help motivate you and it’s just a signal to yourself that you are serious about doing the program (and thus you will be more likely to stick with it). For most people, taking their before pictures and measurements is usually NOT a fun process. But it’s a good process to go through because it’s a reality check. It forces you to see where you are truly at with your health/physical fitness. For me and a majority of people seeing those before pics and measurements it’s a HUGE motivator. When I sat down and looked at my pics and measurements, I knew at that very point this is what I needed to do. It’s what I HAD to do and it re-affirmed my commitment to doing the program and sticking with it. You’re more then welcome to check out my story here if you want- About Me.

How To Take Your P90X Measurements

Enough of the pep talk, let’s get into the nitty gritty. I found this video that tells you exactly how to take your measurements. This is how exactly how I take mine and how you should take yours-

The only thing that I don’t use is a body fat caliper. Using a body fat caliper is more accurate for figuring out your body fat percentage, but I just like to keep it simple so I just make note of my weight. I then can plugin my height and weight into the calculator within my Team Beachbody Account (you can create a Free Team Beachbody Account here to get access to the calculator) and BAM! I’ve got my body fat percentage.

Also, you’ll obviously want to make sure you record your results. Just grab a blank sheet of paper and write the date, and record your measurements. Hold onto this sheet and don’t lose it. You may want to create a P90X Binder like I did. Go here to learn more about that – P90X Workout Sheets.

How To Take Your P90X Before Pictures

Now it’s time to take your P90X before pictures. This typically isn’t fun for most people, but it needs to be done. Just do it!! Check out the following video; it will walk you through step by step on how to take your P90X before pictures-


That is it! I hope that you found this blog post helpful! If this post did help you to take your P90X measurements and your P90X before pictures, then make sure to share it to your favorite social media sites!

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