P90X Pictures

So Jen and I just finished week 8 of our P90X workout on Saturday. We are now in week 9, which is Phase 3 of P90X (the very last Phase)! I know I say this over and over again, but it’s so crazy how fast this second round of P90X has gone by! This is Jen’s first round of P90X, but she said it has still flown by for her too.

Yesterday we finally had some time to take updated P90X pictures and to retake our measurements. We unfortunately forgot take new pictures at the end of Phase 2, so we only have pictures from the beginning of P90X, and from yesterday to compare. Jen has made some awesome improvements from the beginning of P90X! A few highlights of Jen’s results so far- lost 1.5 inches around her waist, lost 1.75 inches around her hips, and lost 1 inch in her thighs. Also, for the very first time on Sunday, Jen did her first ever pull up without using a chair! I am extremely proud of what she has accomplished so far!

As far as my results, I honestly haven’t seen any major changes, but my arms have increased about a 1/4 of an inch since the beginning of this round. My other measurements have pretty much stayed the same. I came into this round of P90X wanting to increase my size, but I never made the changes necessary to accomplish that. I have always had a very high metabolism, so in order for me to gain weight I have to take in a ton of calories. While it would be cool to have huge massive muscles, I would have a very hard time taking in enough food to maintain them and continue the growth. So I ultimately decided to just keep doing what I’m doing. I’m still going to continually push myself to increase my reps and weight. If I do end up gaining size, then that is just icing on the cake!

Below is our P90X pictures so far-

P90X Pictures

P90X Pictures: Day 1 & Day 56: Click Image Above to See Full Size

P90X Pictures

P90X Pictures: Day 1, Day 90, & Day 146: Click Image Above to See Full Size

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