Operation X2 Hulk


With the craziness of all of the various holidays that just passed I’m FINALLY getting a chance to give you an update on a mission and challenge that I’m about to start. I call this challenge…




So what the hell does that mean? OPERATION X2 HULK? Have I gone crazy? Have I lost my mind? Maybe! :-) Let me explain…


OPERATION X2 HULK is just a fancy way of saying…I’m trying to bulk up and BECOME THE HULK! Ok, I don’t want to look crazy steroid unnatural big, but I would ultimately like to add about 10 to 20 pounds of pure muscle (and not gain fat in the process). Why am I trying to do this?

Ummmm Why?

Because for my ENTIRE life I’ve been that “skinny guy.” Before I started my journey with¬†P90X back in 2010, I was that “skinny fat” guy (see a post I did on that here – Skinny Fat). After my first 90 days of P90X I became that “skinny ripped guy” and that’s pretty much where I stand today. I’ve definitely increased my strength since then and I have added a little bit of weight (about 5 pounds), but I’m still skinny. Period. Accomplishing this will definitely be a major confidence booster and will hopefully cause those “your skinny” remarks to disappear.

Despite eating total, total junk and not exercising AT ALL before my P90X journey began in 2010 I never became overweight or too flabby (all of the people that are in the opposite position as me hate me now). And what does that mean? It’s means I’ve been blessed by God with a super high metabolism. So if I really want to add some muscle mass, I’ve got eat a TON of calories (that right calories), I need to track my nutrition to a T, and I have to ensure I’m using heavy weight and maxing out with lower reps.

That’s what ANYONE needs to do if they are trying to add muscle mass, but for us “skinny ripped” dudes we just need to take in even more calories and test and track like a mad scientist so we know if we need to go up or down with the calories. So this WILL be a BIG challenge for me. It won’t be cheap. It won’t be easy. But I’m DEAD serious about bulking up and accomplishing this and I want it REALLY bad!

OPERATION X2 HULK…Backed With Support

In an effort to help as many people who are serious about accomplishing their goals with P90X2, I created a private Facebook Group where about 20 of us will all be officially starting P90X2 on January 8th. A lot of us have already started doing the workouts (including myself) so we can start learning the moves. We all have different goals and “Why’s” for doing P90X2, but we’re all going to motivate, support, and help other along as we go. I’m super pumped up and excited about this group because it’s definitely going to change a lot of lives.

What’s YOUR Mission In 2012?

So 2012 is HERE! What do you want to accomplish this year?

What’s something you want REALLY bad for yourself?

Do you want to for once and for all to FINALLY lose that weight and to KEEP it off so you can have that hot sexy body that everyone will be jealous of when you’re at the beach this summer?

Are you sick and tired carrying the excess weight and just want to feel good about yourself when you look in the mirror?

Or maybe you’re skinny fat like I was…Or you’re “skinny ripped” like I am now and want to bulk up so you can add some confidence and stop hearing the “your skinny” comments.

Regardless of what your “goal” that you’d like to accomplish, WHY do you want to accomplish that goal?

The SECRET to sticking with working out and eating right is to figure out your goal (lose weight, get toned, bulk up, whatever), and then figuring out your deep seeded “Why” for accomplishing that goal. In other words, why do you want to lose the weight? Why do you want to bulk up? Why do you want to get toned?

Your why needs to be SO strong that it drives you to pushing play even on those days when that’s the last thing you want to do. THAT is the secret to sticking with it and is what’s going to cause you to FINALLY accomplish your goals and achieve your “Why.”

So…OPERATION X2 HULK officially starts on Sunday! Next week I’ll post more specifics on what I’ll be eating, the supplements I’ll be using, and lots more. So stay tuned for that. Keep pushing play and give us an update on where you’re at with your fitness journey in the comments below.

ALSO, MAKE SURE to let me know below in the comments what YOUR mission is for these first months of 2012…

and most importantly, let us know WHY you want to accomplish that (deeper then just trying to lose weight…why do you want to lose the weight?)!

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