P90X Phase 2 – I’m Fired Up! Are you?

P90X Phase 2

P90X Phase 2

P90X Phase 2 here I come! It’s been quite sometime since I’ve done an update on where I’m at with my fitness journey (last time was in February) so I wanted to give you an update on what’s been going on, what I’m currently doing now, and where I’m headed.

The last I did an update I was doing a P90X Insanity Hybrid. I didn’t officially finish the P90X Insanity hybrid, rather I ended up just going back to P90X. I would do P90X and throw in the Insanity workouts every now and then (so kind of like the hybrid, but not as structured). I did that for about 3 months or so. I didn’t have any particular goals in mind during that time rather I just wanted to maintain what I had. Eventually I got tired of just doing “enough” to get by and maintain what I had so I figured it was time that I re-committed myself to P90X. So that’s what I did and now I’m in P90X Phase 2

P90X Phase 2 – Still Bringing It With P90X!

I’ve stuck with P90X, and I officially went into P90X Phase 2 on Sunday. I’ve gotta say, after 3 months of just doing “enough” I’m now more excited, and pumped up then ever to push myself harder and longer so that I get stronger, faster, healthier, etc. I have been following the program to a T and I’ve been doing all the workouts, and I’ve also been updating my measurements, pictures, etc. so I can track my progress.

I’ve also been more focused on proper nutrition then I have ever been. Even though I ate pretty well during my very first round of P90X (you can follow my 1st round of P90X here- P90X Workout Calendar), I’d say my eating habits are 50% or more better then what I was eating then. A lot of that has to do with having a much better understanding of nutrition and proper eating. If you ever want an education on proper nutrition, pick up a copy of Tony Horton’s book, Bring It! over at Amazon. I highly recommend it!

My Goals With This Round Of P90X – P90X Phase 2

With this round of P90X my goal is to just continue getting rid of any excess fat on my belly (I have a small amount from my very unstructured last 3 months), and to get as ripped and definied as possible. My ultimate goal IS to add some size if I can, but I’m not expecting any huge gains. I’ll be doing everything I need to do to add size, but I won’t be increasing the amount of daily calories I take in, which will severely limit the size I can gain. So during this round I’ll be focusing on doing 8 to 10 reps (with proper form) and I’ll be increasing my weight once I hit 10 reps.

Power Blocks

Tony Horton Watch Out Because I'm Coming! :-)

I am excited that we did have a new addition to our family :-) (two very heavy, square additions). I purchased a set of U-90 Powerblocks. These dumbbells are freakin awesome and each dumbbell can go up to 90 pounds. I can also expand them to up to 125 pounds each dumbbell in the future if I want. No more spending 2-3 minutes constantly pausing the P90X DVD so I can change the weight on my old dumbbells (they’re the kind that use plates where you have to use a big metal nut to secure them in place).

By the way, I compared my latest measurements to the last time I took my measurements at the end of Insanity, and I’ve made some very, very positive steps forward in a short amount of time. Here’s a few highlights-

  • My chest measurements have increased 1.75 inches.
  • My bicep measurements have increased by about 0.75 inches (not as impressive, but it’s an improvement).
  • My body weight has increased by 4 pounds (my weight usually fluctuates by about that amount, so I’ll have to weigh myself again to see).
Crazy Muscles

I Want To Add Size, But Not This Much!

Future Goals – P90X Phase 2

As I mentioned earlier, I want to add size, but I’m not doing everything I need to do to accomplish that (even though I am seeing some progress). To really add an impressive amount of size I’ll need to increase the amount of calories I’m taking in and I’ll need to be even more strict on what I eat. Right now I’m taking in about 2,300 calories per day (sometimes less), but to really make some gains I’ll likely need to take in 3,000+ calories. That’s a TON of food!

As of right now, I think I’m going to make that a future goal and work towards that during P90X2. I plan on making myself a guinea pig and trying to add 15 or so pounds during P90X2. I want to take daily photos, and really add some serious size. Adding that much weight (in the form of muscle) on a short guy like me would be very impressive. It might even get me in one of the P90X infomercials! :-)

How Are YOU Doing?

Enough about me! How are YOU doing with your nutrition, workouts, etc.? Have you been sticking with everything? Have you been seeing positive improvements in your measurements? Have you had any problems or hit any roadblocks? I want to know how you’re doing! Go ahead and scroll down to the comments box and give me an update on where you’re at with your fitness journey!

Yours in True Success,

Jonathan Register

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