P90X Workout Schedule

P90X Workout Schedule

P90X Workout Schedule

You looking for the P90X workout schedule? If so, then you’re at the right place! On this page I’m going to give you way more than just the P90X workout schedule. I’m going to explain the different versions of P90X, I’m going to help you decide which version is best for you, and I’m going to help set you up for success so that you complete ALL 90 days of the program.

The fact of the matter is, if you don’t finish all 90 days of the program, then the likelihood of you accomplishing your goals (your whole reasons for doing P90X) will be slim to none.

So how bad do you want to accomplish those goals? How bad do you want to lose the weight, get toned, or get ripped? How bad do you want to get into the best shape of your life so that you can live as long, healthy of a life possible? If you really, truly want to accomplish your goals then read this “P90X workout schedule” post for beginning to end and TAKE ACTION!

What Is The P90X Workout Schedule?

Believe it or not I get calls from people saying, “So I’m not supposed to just do the DVD’s whenever I feel like it?” I even get people surprised to know that there is a P90X workout schedule. This is usually because they’ve been given the DVD’s by a friend, or they bought an incomplete package off of Amazon, Ebay, Craigslist, etc. Or, they’ve illegally burned the DVD’s, or illegally downloaded P90X from the Internet. Don’t worry, I’m not going to judge you for doing that. Your day will come! :-) Just kidding!

There are actually 3 different P90X workout schedules. During each P90X workout schedule you’re doing the P90X workout DVD’s in different orders. Here they are-

1) P90X Classic

2) P90X Lean

3) P90X Doubles

So the big question is, which P90X workout schedule should YOU do?

Which P90X Workout Schedule Should YOU Do?

Alright, so I’m going to go through each of the P90X workout schedules, I’ll tell you a little bit about each one, and tell you who should do what…

P90XWho Should Do The P90X Classic?

As the name implies, this is the classic version or the version that most people do. It’s the most all around P90X workout schedule. You can do this version whether you are trying to lose weight, just trying to get toned, trying to maintain your weight, and you can use it get ripped and add some size.

Men AND women do this version. I get a lot of emails from women who are scared to do this version because they are worried they are going to add a bunch of muscles like Popeye the Sailor man. Don’t worry! Tony Horton (the goofy guy who leads P90X) will tell you how to do the exercises so you don’t bulk up and add size.

So who is this P90X workout schedule for? It’s really for anyone!

Who Should Do The P90X Lean?

The P90X lean version is a more cardio based version. While you are still doing weight training like in P90X Classic, you just aren’t doing as much and you’re doing more cardio. This version is popular with women (but both men AND women can do it) since it seems like a lot of women prefer less resistance exercises like pull ups, push ups, etc. That of course isn’t always the case since my wife went through P90X Classic and she loved it.

This version is also great if it’s been years, and years since you’ve worked out. This will give you an opportunity to build up to doing the P90X Classic version. By the way if you’re trying to add size with this version, it won’t happen, so just do the P90X Classic if you’re trying to accomplish that.

So who is this P90X workout schedule for? It’s for anyone who prefers a more cardio based schedule or for beginners who want to somewhat ease themselves into P90X.

Who Should Do The P90X Doubles?

As this P90X workout schedule states, you are doubling up some of the workouts. Sounds crazy huh? :-)  In month 2 and 3 on many of the P90X workout days you’ll be doing TWO workouts!

This P90X workout schedule is obviously NOT for beginners. It is for people who have already done P90X Classic, or who are already very, very physically active.

Since you’re doubling the workouts in months 2 and 3 you need to have at least 2 hours on those days to invest in yourself. So before jumping on this version, make sure you have the time, and make sure you really are ready for it.

P90X Workout Schedule PDF Download

Aight, here’s something you MUST download AND print out, because if you don’t have the P90X workout schedule, then you obviously won’t be able to do one of the versions…

P90X Workout Schedule PDF

P90X Workout Schedule PDF


So, I’m assuming since you don’t have the P90X workout schedule, that you probably don’t have the P90X workout sheets. If that’s the case, then just click the following link and you’ll be able to download those on that page- P90X workout sheets.

Also, if you’re EXTRA nerdy and want a P90X Excel spreadsheet you can also download that here- P90X Spreadsheet.

P90X Workout Schedule Free Online Tracking

So my question to you now is, do you REALLY want to succeed with the P90X workout schedule? Or do you want to be one of those people who start P90X and then quit shortly thereafter? You MUST have accountability, support, and some outside motivation. PERIOD!

So after you’ve downloaded everything above, make sure you create a free Team Beachbody account by clicking here. This will not only allow you to track and schedule your workouts online for free, but you’ll get access to some really cool free tools, you’ll get access to a massive online community of people doing the workouts just like you are, and of course you’ll get the ME as your personal success Coach.

Step By Step Walk Through Of The P90X Workout Schedule

For those of you who are visual people like myself, here’s a step by step walk through of the P90X workout schedule where I break everything down for you.



Here’s Your Next Steps With The P90X Workout Schedule

Just to wrap things up, here’s exactly what you need to do step by step-

1) Choose which P90X workout schedule you’re going to do.

2) Download the P90X workout schedule & the P90X workout sheets.

3) Create your free Team Beachbody account to get me as your success Coach.

4) Take the P90X Fitness Test, your measurements, and your before pics.

5) Start P90X and get ready to get into the best shape of your life!

That is it! Those are literally your steps to success with P90X! I hope you found my P90X workout schedule post helpful and valuable! If you did, make sure to click the social media buttons to share it! I look forward to hearing about YOUR journey with P90X!

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