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Wanted to share some quick thoughts with you this morning…

This morning I’ve been working on a new version of this webclass.

And I was thinking about all the benefits and perks that we get from working out, and just living a fitness driven lifestyle.

One of the perks that literally brought me tears was this…Continue reading

New Fast Fat Burning Diet: The Cotton Ball Diet


I’m being very very sarcastic here.

The other day I was just doing some research on all the different diets out there and I stumbled upon something called “The Cotton Ball Diet.”Continue reading

New Fitness Toy – Fitbit Blaze Review

Ok, I admit it…

I’m a nerd when it comes to tech stuff. I don’t think I’m an extreme nerd, but a nerd nonetheless.

So I’m excited to share with you my review of the Fitbit Blaze.

My wife has had this basic Fitbit for years (the Fitbit Flex):

Fitbit Flex

This Is The Fitbit Flex (not the Fitbit Blaze)

And she’s loved it and it’s definitely helped her to exercise more. But with the release of the new and improved Fitbit’s since she originally got the Flex, she’s been itching to upgrade.

So finally…on June 25th we both bought the Fitbit Blaze

fitbit blaze

Fitbit Blaze

And what I’ll do in this post is share with you some basic info on the Fitbit Blaze, and I’ll share with you my Fitbit Blaze review of what I like, and don’t like about it after using it for 2 weeks now.Continue reading

5 Snacks That Won’t Make You Fat

Snack foods can make you fat…


They can help you to burn more fat, and build more muscle. They can help fill you up, and satisfy your cravings so you’re not binging on sweets or filling up on junk.

With summer fast approaching (June 20th), I figured it’d be a great time to share with you some of my all time favorite snacks that I like to have in between meals.

So without further ado, here they are (in no particular order)Continue reading

Top Motivational Videos Of All Time For Instant Motivation To CRUSH YOUR WORKOUT

Need a BOOST of motivation?

Or just need a little “jolt” to get yourself excited, fired up, and READY to CRUSH your workout?

Then this page will become your best friend.


Because on it is one of my favorite, and most effective “motivation boosters.”

And that is…Continue reading

Friday Check-in

DEEEEEEP breath…

(that was me taking a deep breath)

The past 3 weeks have been a whirlwind…

Here’s what’s gone down:Continue reading