Wanted to share some quick thoughts with you this morning…

This morning I’ve been working on a new version of this webclass.

And I was thinking about all the benefits and perks that we get from working out, and just living a fitness driven lifestyle.

One of the perks that literally brought me tears was this…

I was thinking about our son Noah. And how it feels like he was born just yesterday:


And with a blink of a eye, he’s already 2 years old:


Noah is on the right. :-)

I know one day…

There’s going to be a day where Noah doesn’t have a lot of time to spend with his Daddy. Because he’s going to grow up, move out, and he’s going to have his own life, and probably his own family.

That made me just think about how precious time is.

It is so freakin’ precious.

And one of the top benefits that we get from working out, and living a fitness driven lifestyle is…

the energy.

The energy to play with our kids.

The energy to be the Dad’s and Mom’s that our kids deserve.

The energy to be 100% present so we don’t miss out on those precious, priceless moments.

So I was thinking…


How do you put a price on that?

I don’t think you can.

Just some thoughts…

Have an amazing day.

I believe in you.

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