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No Workouts Next Week…BUT…

I’ve gotta video update coming at you!

Inside this video I’ll give you…
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  • An update on my progress with P90X2…have I gained any weight?
  • I’ll tell you why I won’t be getting my usual P90X2 workouts in next week, BUT I’ll be doing something EVEN cooler! :-) You’ve gotta here this!
  • For those of you who struggle with pull ups, or who can’t even do 1 single pull up, I’ll tell you a simple, yet effective way to build up your strength so you’re pumping out pull ups like Tony Horton.

So hit the play button below now…Continue reading

P90X2 Week 8 Update

How is P90X2 Phase 2 going?

What’s the one workout that almost made me to throw in the towel and quit…and caused me to get on my hands and knees and pray to God that I get through (seriously, I did that)?

How did my private call with Tony Horton and Carl Daikeler go?

Watch the below video now to find all of that out and MORE! :-)Continue reading

Yesterdays Workout = Epic FAILURE

I’ve gotta be honest…my P90X2 workout yesterday SUCKED!!!

Check out this quick video to learn WHY it sucked and how you can make sure your workouts don’t suck! :-)

Good news though is that something really cool happened to me today. Check it out now to get the 411-Continue reading

P90X2 Phase 2 – Hate It? Or Love It?

Wow. It’s crazy how fast time is flying by! I’m coming to the end of week 2 of Phase 2 of P90X2! I wanted to give everyone a quick update on my journey and I want to hear how YOUR journey is going too!

So a big question a lot of people have been asking me is…

What do I think of the P90X Phase 2 workouts?

The simple answer is…Continue reading

P90X2 Phase 1 – CHECK!

YO! Phase 1 of P90X2 is…Officially…DONE!!! I am SO fired up to be going into Phase 2! In this blog post I want to let you know how Phase 1 of P90X2 went, and then give you a quick recap on how Chest + Back + Balance went (my first workout of Phase 2).

How Did Phase 1 Of P90X2 Go?

I’ll be honest…the first week of Phase 1 of P90X2 was pretty frustrating. Why? Because I was doing BRAND new moves that involved a TON of balance (a MAJOR weakness of mine). So during the workouts I was doing lots of pausing and rewinding, pausing and rewinding, so I could learn the new moves. As a result of having to do that I felt like I wasn’t getting as good of a workout as I usually do.Continue reading

X2 Balance + Power

X2 Balance + Power

X2 Balance + Power

X2 Balance + Power TIME! Today is day 6 of my journey with the P90X2 workout. Week 1 is for the most part DONE and in the books. I say “for the most part” because tomorrow is rest or X2 Recovery + Mobility, but I’ll definitely be doing the X2 Recovery + Mobility workout (it’s an awesome stretching routine).

So far the X2 Balance + Power workout is my SECOND favorite workout in the P90X2 workout program so far (right behind X2 Total Body). It’s an ultra challenging workout, but it incorporates lots of resistance training which I love.Continue reading