P90X Day 24 Completed: P90X Kenpo X

P90X Kenpo X Jab

P90X Kenpo X Jab

P90X day 24 is complete! Today was Kenpo X, and I had a lot of fun doing this P90X workout like usual! During the “breaks” I did the jumping jacks much faster than Tony Horton to get my heart rate up even more just like on P90X day 20. I feel like I got a great workout, but I definitely think I need to increase the intensity with this workout. I’m really anxious to buy the weighted gloves, because they would really take this workout up a notch.

After looking at the P90X Calendar, tomorrow is X Stretch so it is going to be a really easy day. As weird as it sounds, I’m actually very anxious to get the recovery week over with so I can get back into the weight training. I’ve made some pretty big gains in the number of push ups and pull ups that I can do so I just don’t want to lose that. I’m sure I won’t lose that progress, but it just feels like such a long time not to do any pull ups. I know the P90X program works, so I’ve just got to be patient! Next week will roll around and I’ll probably be wishing I was back in the recovery week!

Nutrition for today-

Breakfast: Bowl of Fiber One cereal, and a protein shake.

Mid-Morning: Protein shake.

Lunch: Chicken sandwich (thinly sliced chicken with cajun seasoning-it’s really good!) and provolone cheese.

Mid-Afternoon: Protein shake.

Dinner: Broiled jumbo shrimp with cocktail sauce. Also had the P90X Recovery drink after Kenpo X.

After-Dinner: Protein shake.

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