P90X2. Is. Done.

Things were sort of turned upside down recently due to a medical issue that popped up with my wife so I wasn’t able to get this out sooner. So, I’m happy to finally let you know that P90X2 round 1 is OFFICIALLY DONE!

I ended up finishing my first ever round of P90X2 last Thursday. On that last day of P90X2, I ended up doing TWO workouts that day (P.A.P. Upper, and P.A.P. Lower) since my wife was having surgery on Friday. She thought I was crazy for doing that, but I was determined to do whatever I had to do to get that last workout in.

So what kind of results did I see? Was OPERATION X2 HULK a success or failure? Well, you’re just going to have to keep reading to find out!

A Few P90X2 Before & After Pics

First, I want show you my before before picture (no that’s not a typo) from before starting my fitness & health journey-

P90X Before Pictures

My Before Before Picture (Click Image To View Full Size)


Next, here’s a pic of me BEFORE starting P90X2 (the quality of the picture kind of sucks, so sorry about that)-

P90X2 Before Front

P90X2 Before Photo (Click Image To View Full Size)


So not so bad. I’ve slimmed up, and have somewhat of a six pack going on. Prior to starting I had somewhat neglected my nutrition so I was excited to get everything back in line with P90X2.

And finally, here’s just a few of my P90X2 AFTER Pics-

P90X2 After Front Turned

P90X2 After Pic (Click Image To View Full Size)


P90X2 After Front

P90X2 After Front (Click Image To View Full Size)


And here’s side by side of the 3 pictures-

1st Pic – Before My Fitness Journey
2nd Pic – Before P90X2
3rd Pic – After P90X2

P90X Before PicturesP90X2 Before FrontP90X2 After Front Turned



Final Measurements?

Unfortunately, due to all the craziness I haven’t had time to re-take my final measurements or to even re-take the fit test. However, as you can see above I’m pretty sure I saw some positive changes. :-)

My core/abs look and feel stronger then they have ever felt before. Having the most chiseled, cut six pack is something that I’m always striving for, and with P90X2 I’ve been able to take things to a whole new level.

Was OPERATION X2 HULK A Success Or Failure?

My mission for P90X2 was to add size (see my OPERATION X2 HULK post here), and by looking at my pics it definitely looks like I’ve increased my muscle mass. I definitely didn’t add as much as I had hoped too, but I knew going in that it was going to be a tough mission to accomplish since-

1) it was my first time doing P90X2,
2) Phase 1 & Phase 3 weren’t all that conducive to doing adding size, and
3) this was my first true attempt at bulking up.

So this round of P90X2 was an awesome journey of me learning my body and how it reacts to different daily calorie levels.

My goal was to gain at least 10 to 15 pounds of pure muscle…

and I’m happy to say that I gained 8.40 pounds of pure muscle.

Even though I didn’t gain at least 10 pounds of muscle, I did get very, very close to my goal, and I now know what I need to do to gain more! :-)


What’s Next After P90X2?

Immediately after I finished P90X2, I started a P90X2 P90X hybrid. I’m almost a full week into the hybrid and I’m LOVIN it!

Stay tuned because I’ll be sharing with you the schedule I’ve put together so you can join me if you want. Hopefully I’ll be able to get that out the beginning of next week.

How Is YOUR Journey Going?

Ok, enough about me! How is YOUR journey going? Where are you at in your fitness journey? How is your nutrition going?

Leave our community a comment below and let us know how things are going for YOU!

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