P90X2 Results

P90X2 Results are here! Not! :-) As of the writing of this blog post, today is officially week 2 of my journey with the P90X2 workout program.

So while I don’t have my final P90X2 results to share with you yet, I did want to show you my P90X2 before pics and create this page to be the home of where I post my final P90X2 results. I’m also hoping to feature the P90X2 results of a few others from our community.

You’re more then welcome to read what I have so far on this page, but make sure before you leave to leave a comment below and let me know what kind of P90X2 results you are working towards…

Highlights Of My P90X2 Results

None as of yet, but I’ll be posting the highlights of my P90X2 Results here…

P90X2 Results – Before & After Pics

Here’s a few of my P90X2 before photos. This photos were taken right before I started P90X2. This was after about 60 days of doing P90X and eating enough to just maintain my weight-

P90X2 Before Front Picture

P90X2 Results

P90X2 Results - Click On Image To View Full Size

P90X2 Before Back Picture

P90X2 Pictures

P90X2 Results - Click On Image To View Full Size

After seeing these pictures, it makes me want to push even harder so I get the best possible P90X2 results. Secondly, it makes me realize that my wife and I need a new camera! The quality of the photos isn’t all that hot.


So Does P90X2 Really Work? – P90X2 Results

Even though I haven’t officially finished the program and gotten my final P90X2 results, I think it’s safe to say YES! :-) With all the Team Beachbody programs and products, I have yet to come across something that doesn’t live up to what it says it’s going to do. It’s pretty simple…


We’re given ALL of that with P90X2. We even have the added support of our growing community here. So it’s just a matter of us going to work and using the tools we’ve been given. We have to push play everyday, ensure we follow the nutrition side of things, and stay in engaged in our community, and with me, your Coach.

By the way, if I’m not already your Coach, to make it official, just take a few seconds and create a free Team Beachbody account now my clicking here. You’ll get added support from me and our community, plus you’ll need this account to access the numerous calculators to figure your numbers so you can accomplish your goals.

What Kind Of P90X2 Results Do I Want?

With P90X2 I’m looking to gain muscle mass (while minimizing any fat gain). I’d like to gain about 10 to 20 pounds of pure muscle.

Will I accomplish that? Honestly, not sure. This is my first time doing P90X2, so there’s lots of unknowns.

I’ve done all of the workouts in Phase 1 of P90X2, and those workouts aren’t really conducive to bulking up. However, it looks like the Phase 2 workouts are more similar to the original P90X where I’ll be able to heavy up the weight. So as long as I keep my nutrition in line, I am expecting to make some gains during that Phase.

I’m not sure what to expect in Phase 3 of P90X2, so I honestly have no clue what kind of size I’ll add during that Phase.

Plus, on top of all of the unknowns with the new program, there are lots of unknowns with my body. I’ve never truly attempted to add the kind of size I’m looking to add (while doing EVERYTHING I need to do to add the size). So I don’t know exactly the number of calories and the nutritional proportions that work best for me to bulk up.

I just have the numbers that the various online calculators have given me. Those are a good starting point, but from there you have to track everything to pinpoint what works best for you.

REGARDLESS of what my P90X2 results are, I know I’ll be in better shape then when I started. Plus if anything, I will learn EXACTLY what I need to do for my body so that I do add muscle mass. So it’s going to be an incredible learning experience either way.

To read more about my mission to bulk up, check out this post – OPERATION X2 HULK.

How Do You Take The P90X2 Challenge? – P90X2 Results

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What kind of P90X2 results do YOU want to get? Leave a comment below and let us know what you’d like to accomplish.


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