SuperPump Max Review

SuperPump Max Review

SuperPump Max Review

Yesterday I tested out a pre-workout supplement that I had never used before so I now want to give you my SuperPump Max review. Since this was the first time of me trying out SuperPump Max I was a little nervous, but excited at the same time. I was nervous how I would react to it (if I’d end up running to the bathroom due to nausea and having it ruin my workout), but I was also excited to give it a try to see if it worked well for me.

The good news (as you’ll soon find out in this SuperPump Max review) is that I didn’t have any major side effects like that and I actually ended up having a great workout! Keep on reading, since I’ll give you a complete breakdown in this “SuperPump Max review” and tell you exactly what happened so you can make an informed decision on whether you should give it a try or avoid it all together.

SuperPump Max Review Video

Check out my SuperPump Max review video…I say a few things before my workout, then I go get my workout on, and I come back and give you a full report of what happened (the good and the bad)-

Taste – SuperPump Max Review

Out of the 5 or 6 pre-workout supplements that I’ve tried, this would probably rank #2  right behind NO Xplode as far as taste goes (see my full review of that stuff here- N.O. Xplode Review). It really wasn’t too bad.

If you’ve ever used pre-workout supplements before, then you know almost all of them taste disgusting so I still wouldn’t sip on it and enjoy like you do wine. However, when compared to the taste of other pre-workout supplements, SuperPump Max wasn’t all that bad.

Performance Increase, Decrease, Or No Change? – SuperPump Max Review

If you didn’t check out my SuperPump Max review video above, make sure you do that to hear the full story on what happened during my workout. I did have a performance increase during my workout, but was it from SuperPump Max? Who knows!

I didn’t feel a huge surge of energy (but I definitely had some energy) like I have with other pre-workout supplements, but I did get pretty excited and pumped up right before my workout after I took it. I love working out and doing resistance training, so that is a norm for me and it’s hard to say if SuperPump Max helped to boost me up any.

My reps did go up for ALL exercises by 1 or 2 reps (except for 2 exercises), and I increased my weight for 1 move. I always strive to beat the # of reps I did during my last workout by at least 1 rep, so again that is a norm for me. It IS an improvement though and SuperPump Max may have helped. It’s just really hard to say.

Today (the day after my workout), I’m extremely sore which tells me I got a great workout!

Side Effects – Nausea, Energy Crash, Etc. – SuperPump Max Review

I’m happy to say in this SuperPump Max review that I didn’t experience any side effects that you can typically get from pre-workout supplements. I didn’t feel nauseous during the workout, and I didn’t have a big crash at the end of the day.

Where Did I Buy My SuperPump Max – SuperPump Max Review

I buy all of my supplements from Team Beachbody and I actually got 2 free samples of SuperPump Max from with an order of protein I made a few months ago. They actually have an “On Sale” section, that has a sub-section with in it called “Free Samples” (it’s kind of hidden on their site). You can add a few free samples of different supplements to any orders that you make.

So I’d recommend trying to get your hands on a free sample before buying a big tub of it and not knowing if it’s going to work for you.

My Final Recommendation – SuperPump Max Review

It’s the moment of truth in this SuperPump Max review!

TREK2BEFIT Rating Scale (1 to 10)

  • 1= Don’t waste your money
  • 5= You’ll just have to see if it works for you
  • 10= You have to buy this supplement

SuperPump Max Review- Final Rating: 6 out of 10

As you can see above, for my SuperPump Max review I give this pre-workout supplement a 6 out of 10. I did see a positive increase in the performance of my workout, but I would have liked to of felt a little more energy. As with all pre-workout supplements, everyone reacts differently too them. So even though I didn’t see spectacular results, this might be a good pre-workout supplement for you. So I recommend giving it a try and seeing how it works for you.

I hope you enjoyed my SuperPump Max review! If you got any value out of it, make sure to share it my clicking the social media links. Also, if you have your own experience with it, then leave me your own SuperPump Max review below in the comments.


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