Mike’s P90X Results . . .

I wanted to give a HUGE shout out and congrats to a fellow TREK2BEFIT community member.

Mike has religiously been staying engaged in our community…giving us updates, helping others, and he JUST finished ALL 90 days of P90X!

Instead of giving up, making excuses, he just did what needed to be done and pushed play for all 90 days.

And now he’s reaping the rewards! :-)

Here is Mike’s Day 1 P90x before photo-

P90X Results Day 1

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And here’s his final day 90 P90X photo…

P90X Results Day 90

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Here’s his P90X photos side by side –

P90X Results Day 1

P90X Results Day 90











The result’s are clear as day! Mike burned off the goo, he’s got a six pack, and he’s gotten ripped! WAY TO GO MIKE!

Here’s all the details from Mike himself of the changes he got from committing to P90X…

What kind of results did you see with P90X?

15 lbs lost, 3.5 Inches off waist, dropped ~10% body fat

How has those results changed things for you?

More energy for the day. Feel good about how I look without a shirt again. Blood pressure is normal and no more back pain.

How did you keep yourself pushing play everyday, and/or what did you do on down days where you didn’t feel like working out?

I really did not need much motivation after the second week. It became a habit at that point. I simply gave my best each day…..

Any advice you’d give to someone about to start P90X?

Read success stories for the first few weeks when you think about it. Don’t give up after 30 days if you don’t see big results, they come later and often fast by 60 days!


So Mike simply gave his best each day. And as a result 15 pounds of pure fat is GONE!

That is exactly what we ALL need to do. There will be ups, there will be downs, but just. . . do . . . your . . . BEST!

Thanks Mike for sharing your P90X story, and you are a true inspiration to all of us!

It’s YOUR Turn . . .

Give Mike a big congrats in the comments, and share this story on your Facebook wall (or hit the Like button) so we can help inspire as many people as possible.

Your success story awaits…and I can’t wait to hear YOUR story! Keep pushing play TREK2BEFIT community! You can do it.

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