Reebok Realflex Review

Reebok Realflex ReviewAfter doing Plyocide from P90X2 a few times I noticed that I’d quickly start feeling pain in the arches of my feet when I would do the 1 Leg Slalom move. That’s the move where you’re hopping across a line on 1 foot super fast.

The pain got so bad that I would have to stop shortly after starting the move. I had heard in the past that if you don’t have good shoes then you’ll experience pain like that. So I decided it was about time that I start doing some research and look for a new pair of shoes.

After a ton of research I settled on the Reebok Realflex Transition shoe.

I’ve worn these shoes now for 3 workouts (during the P90X2 PAP Lower workout) and I wanted to give you my Reebok Realflex review.

Did these shoes relieve the pain? Would I recommend them to you? Continue reading my Reebok Realflex review and you’ll find out! :-)

The Importance Of Good Shoes

The jump training found in P90X2 (Plyocide), P90X (Plyometrics), TurboFire, etc. is super hard on your feet and legs. Having the right shoes is critical to help prevent injuries. In the P90X2 P.A.P. Lower workout, Tony Horton makes a point to say at the beginning of the workout to get some good shoes.

He says that running shoes are not the type of shoes you want to be using. You need tennis shoes, basketball shoes, or any other shoe made for high impact workouts.

Well, I learned first hand that Tony Horton was right! :-) The shoes I was using were running shoes made by Asics. So if you’re feeling pain in your feet, legs, or even your knees, you might want to look into to getting some new shoes.

I’m of course NOT a doctor, so when in doubt, see your doctor!

Reebok Realflex Transition Video Review

Here’s a quick video with me giving my Reebok Realflex review for you audio/visual people-


I’d say the Reebok Realflex Transition shoes are probably one of the most comfortable shoes that I’ve ever worn. There’s plenty of cushion, they are very light weight (it almost feels like I’m not wearing any shoes), and they are just very comfy shoes.

They are very narrow shoes, so if you have wider feet then they may not work for you. For me though they fit like a glove. It literally feels like that they were specifically made for me.

Performance During Workouts

During the 1 Leg Slalom move in P90X2 Plyocide, I’m happy to say that the pain is completely….GONE with these shoes! :-) I was a little surprised by this and was expecting some pain the first time wearing these shoes, but I didn’t experience any. It was awesome being able to push through that move and to not have to stop due to the pain.

The only downside with the Reebok Realflex Transitions is during the lateral movements I don’t feel as stable. I think this is due to the height of the nodes on the bottom of the shoes. After a few times wearing them though I’ve gotten used to that and just make sure to be aware of that so I don’t fall over and twist my ankle.

The Verdict? – Reebok Realflex Review

Overall, I’m very happy with these shoes and would highly recommend them to anyone during P90X2, P90X, Turbofire, or any workout that involves jump training. I would recommend though that you go to a physical store and try them on so you can make sure that they aren’t too narrow for your feet.

You’ll also just want to be very careful during any lateral movements. It might be just me who feels a little unstable during lateral moves with these shoes on, but it’s just something to be aware of.

Great Advice From Chalene Johnson

Chalene Johnson (from the TurbFire workout) gives some awesome advice during the below video. I’d highly recommend you watch it since she makes some great points-

Video streaming by Ustream


So just because the Reebok Realflex Transition’s work for me, doesn’t mean these shoes are right for you!

Take Chalene’s advice and go to a running store, or even to a doctor to have them check out your feet so you can have a better understanding of what kind of shoes are best for your type of feet.

What’s YOUR Favorite Shoes?

Have a pair of shoes that you love and work really well for high impact workouts found in P90X/P90X2, Insanity, TurboFire, etc? Then leave a comment below and let us know what kind of shoes you’ve got and how they’re working out for you!


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