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P90X P90X2 Hybrid

P90X P90X2 Hybrid

P90X P90X2 Hybrid

In this post I wanted to share with you my P90X P90X2 hybrid schedule that I’ve put together.

I just finished P90X2 about 2 weeks ago and I immediately jumped into my custom P90X P90X2 hybrid. After finishing Phase 2 of P90X2, I knew this would be an awesome combination. I’m excited to finally be sharing it with you!

Why A P90X P90X2 Hybrid?

So really quickly, why would you want to do a P90X P90X2 hybrid?Continue reading

Mike’s P90X Results . . .

I wanted to give a HUGE shout out and congrats to a fellow TREK2BEFIT community member.

Mike has religiously been staying engaged in our community…giving us updates, helping others, and he JUST finished ALL 90 days of P90X!

Instead of giving up, making excuses, he just did what needed to be done and pushed play for all 90 days.

And now he’s reaping the rewards! :-)Continue reading

P90X2. Is. Done.

Things were sort of turned upside down recently due to a medical issue that popped up with my wife so I wasn’t able to get this out sooner. So, I’m happy to finally let you know that P90X2 round 1 is OFFICIALLY DONE!

I ended up finishing my first ever round of P90X2 last Thursday. On that last day of P90X2, I ended up doing TWO workouts that day (P.A.P. Upper, and P.A.P. Lower) since my wife was having surgery on Friday. She thought I was crazy for doing that, but I was determined to do whatever I had to do to get that last workout in.

So what kind of results did I see? Was OPERATION X2 HULK a success or failure? Well, you’re just going to have to keep reading to find out!Continue reading

Energy and Endurance Pre-workout Formula Review

Energy and Endurance Pre-workout Formula ReviewThis is a LONG overdue! I’ve been using the Energy and Endurance Pre-workout supplement now since it came out (dang, I’m getting old…I can’t even remember when that was, let’s just say 2-3 months ago). In this blog post I wanted to give you my complete Energy and Endurance Pre-workout Formula review.

I’ll explain to you what it is, what it does for you, who should give it a try, and I’ll give you my final recommendation of it. So keep on reading as we go on a magic carpet ride! :-) Just kidding about the magic carpet ride.Continue reading

Reebok Realflex Review

Reebok Realflex ReviewAfter doing Plyocide from P90X2 a few times I noticed that I’d quickly start feeling pain in the arches of my feet when I would do the 1 Leg Slalom move. That’s the move where you’re hopping across a line on 1 foot super fast.

The pain got so bad that I would have to stop shortly after starting the move. I had heard in the past that if you don’t have good shoes then you’ll experience pain like that. So I decided it was about time that I start doing some research and look for a new pair of shoes.

After a ton of research I settled on the Reebok Realflex Transition shoe.

I’ve worn these shoes now for 3 workouts (during the P90X2 PAP Lower workout) and I wanted to give you my Reebok Realflex review.

Did these shoes relieve the pain? Would I recommend them to you? Continue reading my Reebok Realflex review and you’ll find out! :-)Continue reading

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